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first tri in a few weeks(2 posts)

first tri in a few weeksdanny
Sep 10, 2001 2:38 PM
im thinking of doing my first tri in a couple weeks. i consider myself a good road rider. lately ive been running a couple miles and riding right after. i need tips and advice. how should i train for the swim? what do i wear during the whole thing? seriously i have no idea..any tips will help!! thank you very much!
re: first tri in a few weeksKudzu Kannibal
Oct 8, 2001 5:03 AM
I am probably late on replying to this as I assume you did the tri already. But here is some advice going forward and I am sure others will agree (I am an age grouper, incidently).

First off, it is better, to RIDE then RUN and acquaint yourself with this transition. This is the toughest one and trust me you WILL get used to it, but it will be hard at first (like ice skating then trying to walk afterwards).

I do BRicks a lot (Bike-Run-ick in case you haven't heard that before) and now it is hardly noticeable for me to go from bike to run. The reason, I assume (someone correct me if need be), is muscles that are not normally used between the two are built up during this process.

Second, find a pool and a good set of workouts (if you live near an ocean or lake, try to fit some open water in there, so you can train on you navigational techniques as well).

You can go to triathlon sites online that usually post a good swim workout or else subscribe to Triathlete Magazine (or something like Fitness Swimmer). Lots of tips from the Pros in here. Sometimes I will do a run after a continuous swim (not sets), such as a 1 mile in the pool, followed by a 5 to 6 mile on the road. If you do sets in the pool (i.e. intervals that force you to go anaerobic), then I don't suggest this, but it's your call. You may want to even consider joining a Masters group (they are pretty much worldwide these days).

On the BRICKS, it has been suggested to only do those once every few weeks. I don't know the implications, but it seems to be a rule of thumb in the triathlon world, so I figure why not. If there is anything else, such as some posted swim workouts I can give you, feel free to reply or I am sure many of the experts online here can help you out.

I started out as an open water swimmer, then got into triathlons in 1998. Next year, 2002, I graduate up to a Half Ironman (I mainly have been doing Olympic distances, mostly due to some injuries and TIME) and this year I have gotten hooked in going off-road doing Adventure Races. So now I complement my cycling with Mountain Biking.

Good luck and God Bless...