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$500 for tri/road bike(4 posts)

$500 for tri/road bikeJaime
Aug 23, 2001 8:50 AM
A friend of a friend wants to spend around $500 for a NEW bike to begin competing in triathlons. Any suggestions? He is not interested in used equipment,

Thanks for your replies.

re: $500 for tri/road bikeKudzu Kaptain
Aug 23, 2001 1:09 PM
Well if there is a new tri bike out there for $500 I would like to hear about it. The last sub $1000 tri-bike I can remember was the 7005 series Scott Waimea a few years back. So now onto road bikes.

GT has gone bankrupt, but Huffy is picking them up. Try to see if he can get a great deal on one (probably a ZR4.0 as I think 3.0s are still close to $1000). Thus far I have seen prices slashed upwards to 40% on GT Bikes (on and off road - spotted me a Zaskar MTB that I may pick up for myself).

Otherwise I think Giant has a sub-$500 bike, possibly Trek (I doubt Cannondale).

Hey how tall is he? I have a 57cm Schwinn Frame with most of the components that I will let go dirt cheap. Of course it has the old Scott Aerobars from the old'n days and a 7-speed Sachs Freewheel. So if he has at least a 32", 33" preferred, he could get mine...are you in the ATL area?
re: $500 for tri/road bikesweetbuns
Aug 27, 2001 5:55 AM
The cheapest road bikes I've seen on the market start at $750-$800 range, and they are outfitted with Shimano Sora components. To save money, shop during the late fall and winter months for older model bikes.
re: $500 for tri/road bikemetonymy3
Sep 30, 2001 9:09 AM
I've seen the bottom-of-the-line Trek 1000 with Sora for $500 at my local bike shop. The GT ZR 5.0 retails for $599 (as does the Trek), and also comes with Sora, but I've heard that it's a better frame. (I have a friend with a Trek 1000 and I'm not that impressed with it at all. No experience with the GT, although Bicycling Magazine did a little review section on it about a month ago. They thought that the frame was "very upgradeable" if I remember correctly. They liked it a lot for the money.) I'm sure the GT can be found for much cheaper now that GT is going bankrupt. I think that's just about your friend's best bet in a new bike -- a GT for under $400 somewhere on sale. Use the extra money for some nice clearance SPD pedals and cheap shoes, or If he's doing TTs and Tri, then some nice aerobars.

If $500 is what he wants to spend, go used for crying out loud. I spent $500 for a 5 year old Kestrel 200sci (carbon fiber. frame is $1500+ new.) with Dura Ace. If you shop around and have patience, you can find a really good deal. 'Nuff said.

Picture of the GT 5.0