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Difference between Tri bike vs. TT bike?(2 posts)

Difference between Tri bike vs. TT bike?TJohn
Aug 24, 2001 9:28 AM
Hi all,
I am not a Tri guy so I am clueless on this but what is the diff between a Tri bike w/ 700 wheels and a Time Trial bike? I know some of the TT bikes these days look funky with the forward sloping top tubes, but compared to the traditional diamond shape TT frames I can't really see a difference. My guess is that the seattube angle is steeper on the tri bike?? If that is the only real significant difference, then I ask why is there a need for that difference?? It seems to me that TT and Tri road races are the same beasts.
re: Difference between Tri bike vs. TT bike?brider
Oct 18, 2001 10:12 AM
First time posting to this forum, first time lurker too. Any way, I'll take a stab at your question. Triathletes do have a different set of requirements than straight roadies in that they have to be able to run after the ride. Not so much a big deal on race day, but the required running training usually has a negative effect on hip flexibility and the usable hip range of motion. Most roadies are fairly flexible in the hips as far as closing the hip angle, but are usually very weak when the hip angle is opened up toward what would be a running range of motion. Likewise, a lot of triathletes are fairly weak at fairly closed-up hip angles. So the forward position of the tri bikes opens up the hip angle and keeps the legs fresher for the run. For a lot of roadies, lowering the handlebars and adding a clip on will do the trick. With all that said, there is a trend going in triathlon circles called "Big Slam", which is pushing seat tube angles back toward a traditional road position.