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Entered Mrs T's, Chicago - Can't Do It(2 posts)

Entered Mrs T's, Chicago - Can't Do ItMisJG
Aug 16, 2001 8:03 AM
Anyone know how I can recoup my entry fee? I tore my right Quadraceps and can't do the race on Aug 26. It'll only be the second one I've missed since 1991 and the first one that I'll have to eat my entrance fee. I'm bummed, but not much I can do. Anyone have any ideas?
$85.00 T-ShirtMisJG
Sep 5, 2001 9:11 AM
Ended up eating my entry fee. It sucked to hand the Champion Chip back to the people at registration, but whattayagonnado? I picked up my goodie-bag, complete with the event t-shirt. So I paid about $85.00 for a t-shirt from an event I didn't/couldn't do. I wrote "2001 DNS" (Did Not Start) on the size tag inside the shirt. For some reason, Mrs Ts doesn't put the year on their shirts, so I've got all these shirts from the past ten years and don't know what year most of them are from. Sorry, I'm babbling. . .