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Sidi vs. Nike Road Shoe(2 posts)

Sidi vs. Nike Road ShoeBry
Jul 16, 2001 2:15 PM
I do half ironmans and so I need a really good shoe. I have an old specialized paired that killed my feet during the run. Found Both the Nike/Trek Poggie and Sidi Genius 3 for sale. Wondering which is better, both same price, heard lots of good things about sidi. Nike has a carbon fiber sole. Wondering which would be better on the long ride. Also wondering if the rachet on the sidi will slow me up, nike has 3 velco straps. Respond soon. Thanks
re: Sidi vs. Nike Road Shoeraysr
Aug 2, 2001 1:50 PM
Get some Sidi T-1's. Great shoe, light, fast transition with 2 straps, made to be worn without socks, and great ventalation.