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Junior needs help with sponsorship(2 posts)

Junior needs help with sponsorshipbigbadtrikid
Jun 27, 2001 3:57 PM
Hey I did a tri this weekend and got 27th out of like 600 with some of the best comp in the mideast region. I'm really coimg along and i haven't even started training hard. i was wondering if anyone could give me tips on finding or getting a sponsorship because i know if i had better stuff i could really beat alot more people
re: Junior needs help with sponsorshipdpeairs
Jul 12, 2001 1:36 PM
give us some more details like how old you are and other race results. the first step to getting sponsored would probably be to win a few races. keep track of your placings then when you have a resume, send it with your a coverletter to every company you can think of. If you are in college, or will be in college join the tri team, or at least a bike team. if they have some ok racers you should be able to get some deals. Also, unless you are using complete crap, the time savings for new equipment is not nearly as much as a couple years of training. by the way what race was it. I will be at the big boy tri in cincinnati this weekend maybe I will see you. I will be the one in front... hopefully ;)