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How do young people start into triathalons?(3 posts)

How do young people start into triathalons?Rick Bell
Jun 19, 2001 9:54 AM
I live with a young kid that is possibly interested in triathalons. He has no road bike, but he loves to ride and is good at it. He has the build of a runner, and is good at that also. He is Austrian, so he's of course one of the best swimmers in the world. He speaks a little English, but I will translate whatever for him if there are any answers.

How do young kids start in triathalons? Are there usually youth teams with some sort of sponsorship and training, or does it require a good starting investment in equipment (bikes, etc.)? What are the first things he should do? Just starting cold, without equipment, training, anything, posessing just interest and great talent?

We live here in Austria of course, but the racing/sport scene is similar to the U.S., and I can work better with an English speaking message board :)

He says hello! Thanks for any replies and help!
re: How do young people start into triathalons?Clink
Jun 22, 2001 9:18 PM
I'm a 17 year old guy, who did my first tri last year, that got me hooked, I come from a running backround, but i also liked to bike and swim, my Running coach, an avid tri guy suggested i eneter one.. I did, and finished well. Anyhow i didn't find it hard to start, I borrowed my fathers 30 year old road bike, and raced in a bathing suit and t-shirt, (total money spent=race fee). For training I went running pretty much everynight, and went mountain biking often and swam on weekends. Really not hard to do actually. For teams i actually convinced my coach to start one, and interestingly enough we have 10 people join, and stick with it. (i live in canada so we're all abit crazy) but there is interest out there. Hope it works out
Jun 27, 2001 3:42 PM
I'm 15 and i got into triathlons last year. I can't really remember why but I ran for 4 year prior and I had an ok bike that was actually way to small on me. I entered a tri and with minimal equipment and no experience cycling or swimming and beat a kid who had been doing them since he was 7, was ranked 14th in the US, and had a $1500 bike with shoes and pedals. This winter I joined the swim team and rode 30 miles every day. When race day came I swam, i biked, i conquered. I did 11:00 minutes for the swim with T1 included, did the 10 mile bike in 27:26 with T2 inclede, and ran 19:30 for a 3 mile. Overall I got 27th place and beat that kid I beat last year by almost a minute. Now i have to prove myself in a few more races and i might have a sponsorship(hopefully). I would take the same a aproach i took with your kid. Get him able to trained, don't run out and buy expensive stuff, and if he show promise the next year go upgrade his stuff.