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mid race relief question(5 posts)

mid race relief questiontri-nubi
Jun 9, 2001 8:45 AM
This will probably get some laughs but its a serious question. I'm new to the tri race and was wondering what strategies/solutions others have developed for dealing with the need to urinate in the middle of a race. I'm a fit male with no related health problems but I do dehydrate a little bit easier that most people and I've experienced the need to stop during longer trainings and race simulations. The books and websited I've checked out do not seem to address this as an issue. Any serious advice or strories that might be constructive? thanks
Elimination explainedMarlon
Jun 13, 2001 6:55 AM
There is a significant reason why there aren't a lot of photos of triathletes' backsides at the end of races.

Liquids, do it when you're not being drafted out of courtesy. If in a wetsuit, don't worry about it. Solids, same as liquid, but if in wetsuit, you're out of luck.

Liquids, if shorts, pull shorts-leg to side, cock leg out, and go. Drafters beware! If briefs, yank to side and go. Solids, do it at a rest stop. Don't soil shorts/briefs if you can - leads to wet chafing, and that's bad. Don't attempt on downhills or uphills. Change if you do soil once in T2. Rinse with water bottle.

Same as for bike.

And that's the dirty truth.
re: mid race relief questionHonkyb
Jun 15, 2001 2:31 PM
I have the same problem in training rides and runs, easy dehydration and lots of pit stops. I was pretty worried about peeing during a race, but I found that I have never had to go during any race up to olympic distance there is not much need to hydrate during a short race like that, just a lot of prehydrating. I always take care of business on the swim warm up then I am good to go. If your doing longer races just let it fly on the bike ore run, but be sure to throw some water down there afterwards. Have fun racing
re: mid race relief questionlinkman
Jun 16, 2001 9:53 AM
Marlon hit it on the head with his "dirty truth" Basically, you gotta pee, go ahead. Anything else, stop at a port-a-john!

Next time you watch a bike race on TV, notice how every once in a while riders will give someone some room while he dumps a water bottle into his crotch. Guess what he's doing??????

So, if you feel like you're gonna have to pee, grab an extra H2O bottle at an aid station, do your thing, wash off!
Thanks for the 'truth'! nmmtnhigh
Jun 18, 2001 7:47 PM