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Softride Power V(3 posts)

Softride Power VJBergland
May 22, 2001 9:02 AM
What can anyone tell me about this bike? What years was it made? Good/bad bike? Strength/weakness? I have the option to buy a Power V for $800-$1000. The bike is in good shape and comes with two wheel sets (Cane Creek & an aero 5 spoke) and 4 sets of tires. Looks like this one.

re: Softride Power VTriguy
May 22, 2001 2:38 PM
Good or Bad I don't know. It's the same bike Greg Welch rode to his Hawaii IM victory in 1994. I also beleive it's the same frame that Jurgen Zack set his Hawaii IM bike record on. So it must be a pretty good.
re: Softride Power Vnormalguy
May 23, 2001 5:58 PM
I ride a "power-wing". It's become my "everyday" bike. Had it about 3 years. The weakness's: Not particularly light. I think thats what steers some away. They're afraid of hills. Me, I don't really notice. Some also are afraid of "bobbing" while pedaling, that too I no longer notice. The strengths are supposed to be aerodynamics. What do I know, but on some long steep downhills, I just lean on those aerobars, tuck my self in, and fly. It's sometimes scary. The bike has been pretty durable, and I've been through some falls. And one thing thats true about their (softride's) advertising, you can pedal seated thru bumpy roads.