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From a distance(4 posts)

From a distanceJonthan Faro
May 11, 2001 1:03 PM
I want to enter a triatholon next year but my swimming is weak but I'm going to help my mate with his cycling and he's going to help me with the swimming so can you tell me what distances I should aim for in each and what sort of time for each remebering I'm a beginner for swimming and my Cycling/Runnings slipped over the winter and with foot adn mouth stopping me going out on my MTB.


re: From a distanceMarlon
May 16, 2001 2:36 PM
Start with a club for motivation. Sure, you'll go slow, and even doing 200m will seem like a marathon, but work your way up slowly. Technique is super important, so you'll want to refine it as much as you can. Don't neglect the other strokes! Freestyle is great, but doing other strokes can improve your abilities as a swimmer in general. Use the swimming for recovery if you're injured or sick - it's a little less demanding on the joints, and if you suffer from any sort of respiratory problems or allergies, the swimming is better for those conditions.

Start with doing 25m intervals, trying to keep the same time and pace, and gradually work up the distance and speed. To get fast, do sprints. To build endurance, just swim lots. And that's it! Good luck. And now, I'd better follow my own advice and get swimming more...
re: From a distanceChick Westby
May 17, 2001 10:07 AM
Lots of unknowns. Lots of different race distances to choose from but they fall into 4 catagories; 1. Sprint (.5k swim, 25k bike, 5k run); 2. Olympic (1.5K s, 40k b, 10k r) 3. Half Iron and 4. Ironman. You can finish the shorter races by training about 3 times the race distance per week. (ex. Olympic train 3-4k s, 120k b, and 30k r per week) Also, you need to do three types of workouts, speed, distance and power.

What is your training like now?
re: From a distanceJonthan Faro
May 23, 2001 1:31 PM
My trainings non existent.I'm in the middle of my A levels and just dont have the time. The majority of my time on bikes is too and from college which isn't a lot. My trainings going to step up in a week so I better get a training program cos I leave college on Friday (yeah) but I'll still have to fit it aroudn my exams. I did start a bit of scientific training with rest days power/distance etc but as I said I just have too much on my plate and also due to the stress my performances are well below my ability and I'm not getting neraly enough sleep. I'll start with the sprints I reckon as a basis for my general training and I'll let you knwo how I get on