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Ideal Bike for flat, crosswindy ride(2 posts)

Ideal Bike for flat, crosswindy rideLauderdaleGuy
May 6, 2001 2:14 PM
What is the best bike for a ride in South Florida, that is very flat with a lot ocean crosswinds? For wheels, would 650c or 700c be better?...I hear pros/cons of both. Should the wheels be carbon-rimmed (like HED Jets) or carbon-spoked (Spinery Rev-X or HED 3)?
How about 8,9, or 10 speed....on a flat course I don't see the difference. Should I go with a larger chainring than 52-39?
Oh yes, I guess the size of the rider matters some too....I am 5'10" and 185lbs.
Thanks for any postive comments.
re: Ideal Bike for flat, crosswindy rideMatrix
May 27, 2001 9:13 PM
Hey, i was from Pembroke Pines for 20 years.....Anyway's i would recommend aero wheels like tri-spoke design!! they work real well on the flats with wind .they keep their "mo" & are aero......
or go deep style with long valve stem....also get some aero bars ?
I'm in Knoxville now & have big hills to deal with ,& aero bars are 96% useless here & we run light wheels more than AERO style ones !!
GO lighter for climbing & AERO & slightly hevier to keep your monmemtum down there.....
p.s's ok up here but pretty boring compared to MIAMI,but i don't have to worry about getin ripped off 24-7.....