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Help! My saddle is trying to kill me(5 posts)

Help! My saddle is trying to kill meAnthony
Mar 31, 2001 7:00 PM
I need some advice concerning saddle selection. I am riding a flight gel at the present, with no discomfort to my sit bones however the bone just behind the boys is killing me on longer rides. It really gets to me after being in the aero position for an extended peroid of time. My aero position in not that deep, and I tried raising the bars a little, but that did not fit right. I have tried ridding w/ a slight downward tilt, and even turning the saddle slightly to the side, but can not get around the pressure on the bone. I recently purchased the new prolink saddle in hopes that the flight was just not made to fit me. No luck, the saddle just weighs more. Would a saddle like the Terry Fly, or something w/ a cut-out help? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Terry FlyAHobie17
Apr 1, 2001 10:02 AM
I've ridden the fly for about two years now. It's my favorite saddle.I went through a shit load of saddles to try and find the right one. I went so far as to order Five different saddles just to get a look at them and settled on the Fly, a good choice. I road the Specialized Body comp and the Terry Liderator they both sucked. If you are a smaller framed guy definitely go with the Fly. If you are a bigger guy it may not work for you. The Liberator is to wide in the back and pushes your body up to the nose. The back of the Lib is higher than the nose too much ( a bad design) Also on the Lib the cutout is flimsy and thin , which causes it to dig in on that area. You might look at the Terry Liberator TI-Race. Had this one to, It's cut a little narrower than the Standard Liberator model, but it also may have the thin pinching nose I can't remember.
Apr 2, 2001 11:31 AM
I had a Terry Men's Liberator and I had trouble with being pushed up on the nose too. Then again, it could just be the way I tend to ride. Also noticed the flimsy sides of the saddle would flex while I was peddaling. Kind of annoying. Either way, all my problems were solved with a Koobi saddle. I bought a Koobi SI back when they were first introduced and Koobi only made two saddle models. I love this saddle. Check out http://www/ for their other saddles, but I can only recommend the SI. It is fantastic. You will never even notice the few extra grams because it's so comfy (even while riding the nose!).
Another Terry Fly fanAndy
May 31, 2001 10:17 PM
Went through these saddles:
1) Flite Gel
2) Trans Am
3) Specialized BG S-Works
4) Lookin Gel
5) Terry Fly ( A-MEN!)
re: Help! My saddle is trying to kill meBubba
Jun 12, 2001 10:08 PM
Junk saver saddles are the best! Terry fly is great, the new dragonfly even lighter if you can find one. I too tied the Flight gel. One ride and I gave it away. Cheers!