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biker in problems(3 posts)

biker in problemsSimonT
Mar 28, 2001 4:38 AM
OK, I'm not a triathlete by any means, but I guess this is just about the best place to ask what most of you will think is a pretty stupid question.
I race mountain bikes pretty often and managed to stick rather well to my training plan for the first serious race of 2001 (20th of May, 90 km, 2850 m vertical). I just got weak yesterday and agreed to participate in a delay race ON FOOT here in Switzerland. The leg I picked is about 11.5 km with lots of hills.
I don't want to mess up my training plan for the bike races by adding some running units but I desperately need to get in shape for that other race to. Is there any general rule how to convert training units from bike to running and back. I think I'm supposed to do shorter intervals with a slightly higher heart rate than I'm used from cycling.

Thanks, guys
re: biker in problemsMisJG
Mar 28, 2001 10:10 AM
I have some potentially bad news for you. If you want to run in a race, you have to run in training. There is no way around it. Oh sure, you can just continue your bike training and you may be in good enough physical shape to COMPLETE the event, but you will be VERY sore afterwards if you try to attempt a hilly 11.5k with no run training (you may even be off the bike for a week recovering). And you can forget about being competetive. Try some running and you may find out something that us Triathletes already know. Cross training is GOOD for you! Here's some good news, you may even improve your biking! The problem is that while running and biking both use the leg muscles, they use different muscles in the leg. And the muscles that are used by both activities are used in different ways. Do yourself a favour and train for this run by running. You legs will thank you for it. Your lungs will thank you for it. You'll thank ME for it, and hey, you may find you really like it and try a Tri one day (or at least a Du)! Good luck!
re: biker in problemsDavid Dekracs
Jun 20, 2001 8:49 AM
What you have to do is simple. As soon as you increase running mileage, decrease cycling mileage. You can maintain great bicycle fitness by cycling for recovery, and build running stregnth doing hill repeats or long hills on the bike. What ever you do, don't add running into your weekly routine, without cutting back on cycling. As you become more ajusted gradually work up to more volume in both sports. Running will generally bring you to higher heart rates at a similar percieved exertion. The key to running is one long run, one speed or stregnth workout, and two maintanence runs. You will be surprised how strong you can get doing four runs per week. Remember the hard/easy, hard/easy, rule of thumb to keep youself free of injury. Best wishes.