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Leg Cramps(4 posts)

Leg CrampsMisJG
Mar 27, 2001 7:38 AM
Any idea what would cause my legs to cramp when transitioning events? In my training I do a regular run/bike where I run home from work and then bike back to pick up my car. About half way back to work, my calves (one or the other) cramp (like a charley horse) forcing me to stop the bike and wait for the cramp to stop before I can go on. During last year's Mrs T's, I got off the bike and began my run and about a mile into it, my quads cramped up to the point I had to stop and stretch them out. I can run a Marathon and Bike a Century without these cramping problems, but put the two events together and I've got problems. Is it just a matter of training two events together more than I do? Or is there something I'm missing? This never used to happen in years past, but I am getting older (I'll be 34 for Mrs T's this year, 08/2001). I'd hate to think it's my age or something else I can't fix. Any thoughts?
Are you drinking enough?Marlon
Mar 28, 2001 7:04 AM
I don't know enough about what's happening, but my first guess is that you're not taking enough fluids on the bike. Calf cramps I've experienced before during the run, and even during the bike. Even in the sprint triathlons I've done, I always try and hydrate as soon as I hop on the bike after T1.

For coming into T2, are you backpedalling and doing minor stretching as you glide into transition? That could also be a factor.
re: Leg Crampscarlos
Mar 31, 2001 7:11 AM
I have had some problems with leg cramping. Some of that may be your bike/bike position. If you put you saddle high you might be working your calves a lot to get through the spin, which are already very fatigued form the run you did before. I have also known people who switch from road to tri geometry to prevent those quad cramps b/c the tri geometry is supposed to save your quads for the run. The saddle height thing is a shot in the dark, but I know several people who have ahd good luck with the changing geometries. If you don't want to dump a bunch of cash into a tri bike you can try a forward seat angle post. If you already have a tri bike, mayble slide your seat forward--but that might cramp up you top tube (a forward post might also do that ona road bike). One thing that has helped me a great deal is what the other guy said about hydration and equally as important using buffered salt supplements or higher sodium sport drink. I usually only resort to the salt tabs in extreme heat and distances over 3 or 4 hours. There is an article in triathlete or inside triathlon this month about salt supplementation that explains it much better than I ever could. If you are interested in a profile forward post or a tri frame (53c) I have both sitting around in my garage--email me if you want. Good luck--cramping can be very frustrating, I am getting better at treating it for myself, but not perfect--a hamstring cramp cost me my boston qualifying time this year waiting to stretch it out.
re: Leg Crampsnc
May 10, 2001 2:09 AM
There is a simple exercise that will eliminate calf cramps. Standing
with your back to a wall, hands behind back and just touching the wall
raise yourself up on your toes as far as possible and then lower.
Repeat this for as long as you are able. Do it morning and evening
and soon you will be able to do 300 repetitions.