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What's the right bike for half iron-man and greater?(4 posts)

What's the right bike for half iron-man and greater?Brian
Mar 6, 2001 12:45 PM
I am wondering what bike is best for longer races (half iron-man and greater). I know the benefits of a tri geometry bike, which seem to be best for shorter races. I've been looking at getting a tri bike (Quintana Roo, Softride) but I'm concerned that the 78 degree angle is too much for long races. I'm also concerned about the stiffness that many aluminum frames have (I'm 5'8" and weigh about 145). Should I get a good road bike made of steel and add aero bars and a forward angled seat post, or get the tri bike made of aluminum and add a more forgiving seat post?
re: What's the right bike for half iron-man and greater?Yossarian
Mar 13, 2001 7:49 AM
i've had this question as well, since i am doing my first half this summer and never had a real road bike (the one i've raced up to olympic is an old steel recreation bike i bought for a dollar from a friend). i'll warn you that i'm a novice, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but since nobody else replied, i'll give my 2 cents. i talked to quite a few people about my situation, and they basically told me that a tri bike is the ideal. it conserves some of your running muscles for the run, and saves you some effort against the wind. however, there are other things to consider as well. first, is your budget. for me, i could only afford one bike in the next 6-8 years, so it was either tri or road. if your budget is more liberal, consider getting both, but i would still do the road bike first. second, is the consideration that triathlons may not be your only interest. it seems, since you're asking this question, that your new to the sport, and it may be something that you decide isn't really for you in the long run. i thought about that and decided that if i wanted to do road cycling and touring it would be better for me to pick up a bike that i could do that with as well, then convert to a "tri" geometry later. this said, you have to understand that setting up a road bike as a tri bike is a severe compromise of efficiency and control. but with my budget and my interests i had no other choice. the biggest thing is to take some long test rides on several bikes you're interested in. ask people you see at races what they think about different machines.
also, keep in mind another important concept. i have seen a lot of people who go out and buy the sweetest looking tri bikes you've ever seen. custom made works of art. you name it, they've got it on their bike. thousands of dollars in toys. and i have passed them on the rusty old bike i bought from my friend for a buck. equipment only helps so much. the rest is hard work. before you spend a lot of money on a bike, think about how competitive you are in the other events. if your a slouch on the run, you can save yourself a heap of minutes for free by slipping into your running shoes and hitting the road (or the trail, if you prefer). the same goes for swimming. good luck with your search. i hope i have helped you out.
re: What's the right bike for half iron-man and greater?TriBuddha
Mar 13, 2001 1:01 PM
All good and valid points. I have a road bike, done 2 1/2 and one full IM in a road bike modified some what with aero bars and slight forward seat angle. Gave serious thought this yr to a tri specific bike but decided against it. I race longer distances and have found from own experience that I get better power and can spin longer with a slacker set angle 75-76 than from steeper (used a forward seat post to get steeper o) Your legs are going to come back to you sometime and over a long race (such as IM) there is a lot of time to get use to running, so the argument about resting the legs may not be that important in the overal scheme of things. I suggest you go to a LBS that will allow you to take out some bikes for a longish ride, well worth the effort in my view to make this effort before dropping cash on counter. Finally, nothing beats a good it, saddle height, fore and aft and offset.

Also check out (john cobb's site, he is the aero guru of Postal Service fame) and Also go on to and ask for help there, usually get lots of posters willing to help. If still confused there is always the Cervelo P2 which allows you to swith the seat angle from 74-79, I believe.

Good luck
re: What's the right bike for half iron-man and greater?Triguy
Apr 18, 2001 12:19 PM
Look at the Cervelo P2K if your on a buget or if money does not matter the P3 is and excellent choice. Both bikes allow you to ajust the seat tube angle from 74-79 degrees which is great for getting that prefect fit. These bikes are comfortable and very aero perfect for any distance triathlon. I own a P2K 52cm with 700c wheels with the seat set at 76 degrees I found that a can produce more power at that angle and it's more comfortable. I'm 5'9" at a 150lbs so were close to the same size. I had a power fitting done at the LBS (RightGear in NC) so I would get the right frame and wheel size which I recommend. Once the bike came in it was fine tuned to fit me like a glove which it does. I highly recommend you looking at the Cervelo line of tri bikes.