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Ullrich/Vinokourov/T-Mobile(3 posts)

Ullrich/Vinokourov/T-MobileInspector Gadget
Oct 6, 2003 5:41 PM
OK, so since T-Mobile has signed Ullrich to lead the team, what is to become of Vinokourov? Unless I missed something, he hasn't left Telekom-at least not yet. As a podium finisher this year, I can't realistically see him accepting a position as a domestique. And given Ullrich's comments about being a five time runner up, it is clear he did not sign as a domestique. What gives, here? What am I not seeing? It makes no sense to me to have two leaders duking it out at the same race.
re: Ullrich/Vinokourov/T-MobileBAi9302010
Oct 7, 2003 4:20 AM
Two Leaders???

What about Botero, Savodeli, Evans....

these are all potential podium spots that are unlikely to agree to work as a domestique.

Botero was the first to do what Jan could never do (until this year), which was beat Lance in a tt...and a mountain stage in 2002. He also finished 4th overall.

Savodelli is a recent Giro winner who has yet to test himself in the Tour.

Evans has shown himself to have lots of potential as a GC rider.

And then there's Zabel. Finally at the end of this season he starts getting his kick back and the wins start coming...partially because he was Telekom's sole leader in the Vuelta and Paris-Tours. With all of these GC riders who is going to lead out Zabel for the sprints. He can't reaslistically be expected to go up against the other big guns like Petacchi, Cipo, McEwen, etc. when they all have strong lead out trains and he has none.

Telekom has too many leaders and not enough workers.
Zabel needs no leadout, he won P-T off of Petacchi's wheelSpunout
Oct 7, 2003 8:05 AM
Savodelli and Botero will need to prove themselves. I think Botero is on a short plank after his mis-performance this year. Evans just has to stay healthy.

Remember Jan leading out Zabel in sprints during the(1998..?) tour? That is teamwork, no protected primadonnas like at USPostal.

Vinokourov excelled in the early season, so why not have a Giro/Tour man and then a Tour/late season man like Jan? If they place two 1-2 at the tour, great! It will come down to the last TT anyways.