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What exactly happened with Freddy Maertens?(3 posts)

What exactly happened with Freddy Maertens?BAi9302010
Oct 4, 2003 12:09 PM
He was an amazing cyclist who won tons of races (13 stages in a single Vuelta one year!!!) and was supposed to be the next Eddy Merckx, but then suddenly stopped winning when he was 29 or so. I've read a couple descriptions of his book "Fall from Grace" that say that in the last few years of his career it was discovered that he was using huge amounts of dope (so much that it was eating away at the ligaments in his legs or something) and races were being set up for him to win, but I haven't really gotten a good picture as to what happened to him.
re: What exactly happened with Freddy Maertens?Qubeley
Oct 4, 2003 9:46 PM
Yeah, he was really good. I remember seeing a picture of his later day. Caption reads:"Freddy Maertens, a twice world champion, now a mere shadow of his former self."
I found Vandenbrooke resembling him a lot.
One of guy I know told me Maertens now lives in the States, I think Massachusetts or some NE states. He's still good comparing to a club cyclist.
re: What exactly happened with Freddy Maertens?Derrick VL
Oct 12, 2003 1:10 PM
In Belgium, Oudenaarde there is a new museum about the 'tour of flanders'-race. Freddy Maertens is working in that museum.