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Did anybody notice something strange during the last stage?(2 posts)

Did anybody notice something strange during the last stage?Spoiler
Sep 29, 2003 7:24 AM
I watched all of OLN coverage on Sunday. I never saw a single camera shot of Heras riding the course with the golden jersey.
Until the leadup to the sprint, all they showed was helicopter shots of the entire group.

Then, all we saw was 10 seconds of him and the others on the podium.
OLN gets the local feedfracisco
Sep 29, 2003 9:10 AM
Reading online articles about the last stage around Madrid, a lot of the relaxed Heras clowning/congratulations were made in the first 30 - 40 km. The peloton was cruising at such a lacksadaiscal pace that the final circuit count was reduced by one. By the time that OLN picked up the feed, the focus was on who was going to win the stage, so that's what we got to see.