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Who's the MAN!? Manual Beltran's domestique, that's who.(1 post)

Who's the MAN!? Manual Beltran's domestique, that's who.Spoiler
Sep 27, 2003 12:52 PM
What?! WHAT?!
Heras nailed it. USPS nailed it. Bruyneel nailed it.
The three weeks finally caught up Nozal. I think it's fair to say he cracked. He finished 43rd on the stage. But I doubt he'll go back to domestique. There will be a lottery to sign him next year.

I think Heras who was part of the reason he cracked. Roberto knew he had to get big time gaps early, so Nozal would hear the bad news and be under pressure early.

Bob Roll did a great job of pointing out that Saiz was there to support his team after he got himself ejected. Karma got him. Man, ONCE's last race and he disgraces the team.
George Hincapie winning the World title would be the triple crown for USPS.