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Backwards Tactics??(7 posts)

Backwards Tactics??JBergland
Sep 12, 2003 10:12 AM
Did Postal get it 'backwards' today?? Shouldn't have Beltrán attacked instead of Heras?? I would think ONCE would have chased just as hard for either guy. both are a legitimate threat. Thoughts??

what it look like...QUiTSPiNiNArOuND
Sep 12, 2003 10:38 AM
Whatever attack got away really. Both Heras and Beltran where strong, but Heras look a little stronger because when beltran attacked on the abisque he was quickly caught. What i thought might have happened is that USPS thought ONCe would be quick to pull back Beltran on the final climb, leaving Heras a little more time to recover, but ONCE where blown and just couldn't reel it back. If Heras where to have chase Beltran, the who elite peloton would have tried to keep up with him, which might have brought Beltran back. They both gained time on there competitors however. Beltran still states that Heras is #1 on cyclingnews, but Beltran said he wanted to show his form. I still believe its going to be 1-2 USPS on the podium. ONCe has put too many eggs in one basket, Nozal completely wated himself today! Great rider nonetheless. Also i would be a little worried about the presence of Dario Frigo, who is currently in 4th, and no one has said anything about him...
Sep 12, 2003 8:46 PM
I like Frigo a lot, but he's admitted in the past that he's not really a three-week guy. He typically does well, then has one awful day in the mountains in the final week. I think it's the same syndrome that affects Santiago Botero, who's actually a similar rider. I hope this is the grand tour where he finishes well (but no higher than second!).
Sep 12, 2003 8:53 PM
Or he gets kicked out of the race. In 2001 he was in the leaders jersey & got kicked out before the biggest mountain stage. Frigo was in the top 5 of the Giro in '02 and out of contention this year & won a stage. The Vuelta seems to be a different animal - he may crack, but if he doesn't he will win the whole thing.
Frigo and Aitoreyebob
Sep 15, 2003 9:58 AM
Is it me or does this race (once again) depict Aitor as a go it alone kind of guy. Based on the OLN coverage and what else I can pick up on, it seems like he's either a) incredibly confident in his own skills (by not apparently riding for Frigo) or b) arrogant. Last year's Vuelta was pretty remarkeable in that he knew Sevilla couldn't do it so he took it upon himself to ride for himself (I don't think that this was a bad decision) but he's not been on the best of form in the beginning Stages, yet he's out riding for himself. Personally, I think htat Frigo is a real threat on that team so I'd think that Aitor would ride a bit for him (think what Heras does for Lance) to ensure a victory, but we have not seen that have we? If it's going on, eihter the Anglo-centric (yes, I made that term up) commentators are not commenting on it or it's just not happening.

Well...Dwayne Barry
Sep 15, 2003 11:02 AM
I think the prudent thing to do if you have multiple potential winners on your team is to give them both a free reign to ride their own race. Because you can't predict performance 100% whoever you make the leader could backfire. This may be what has happend with Nozal and GdG. Although I don't think anyone would fault throwing all the team's weight behind GdG until Nozal suprisingly showed he could hang in the mountains. So, I think from here on FB, USPS, and ONCE will protect both of their GC riders and allow them to ride their own race unless one of the riders eliminates themselves, so to speak.
Sep 16, 2003 8:42 AM
Perhaps I'm being abit harsh on Aitor. Afterall I should assume that the reason why he isn't "working" for Frigo is because he likes his own chances too. I'd be suspicious, though, should he bomb the rest of the way and Frigo not make the podium.