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So Heras must like what he sees...(2 posts)

So Heras must like what he sees...Dwayne Barry
Sep 10, 2003 7:49 AM
going into the first TT. Many of the TTist who can climb well enough to be a GC contenders are already out of it (Leipheimer, Millar, Zulle) or look to be on the ropes (Gonzalez and Casero). Really the only guys who have a definitive TT advantage over Heras and still look like contenders are I. GdG (but mentally fragile?), Frigo (reportedly not on great form), and Moller (? in general). You could probably add the ONCE riders Nozal, Serrano and Azevedo but all will probably be non-factors due to domestique duties. This race could come down to a battle amonst the climbers like the Osa's, Mercado, Mancebo, and Heras.
re: So Heras must like what he sees...atpjunkie
Sep 10, 2003 1:33 PM
especially with a final uphill TT. with the strength of the USPS team and Johanns strategy I'd say he's in the cat bird seat. We'll see how much time Aitor can recover tomorrow. then how much he losses in the MTNS. there's one last long flat TT so we'll see how the times bounce