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In reality, Cipo has won the Vuelta...(5 posts)

In reality, Cipo has won the Vuelta...Inspector Gadget
Sep 9, 2003 4:17 AM
The only reason he and Petacchi even entered was to see who could get to the team car first between the two of them. Granted he has LOTS of work to if he hopes to smash the 3km threshold next year, but if he retired today, he can sleep easily knowing he truly is faster to the car than Petacchi.
I agree...Dwayne Barry
Sep 9, 2003 5:20 AM
Cipollini is winning the Vuelta, although Petacchi is a close second and will probably pass him in the next couple of days. That is if you measure "winning" in terms of getting media coverage for yourself and thereby your team. Afterall, that is why sponsors are in the sport and ultimately a rider's job is to generate publicity.
In realityBAi9302010
Sep 9, 2003 9:26 AM
Cipollini has won the equivelent of two Giros over the course of 15 years with his 42 stage wins.
As for the Vuelta, no one should be bashing Cipo for dropping out. He made it clear before the race even started that he didn't wan't to ride. When the organizers told D-V that they couldn't ride unless Cipo came, he stepped up and took one for the team and rode the first stage with them. This shows that he isn't a self-centered rider and is willing to go the distance to repay what his team-mates have done for him. He's going to do the Italian team another favor by riding the World Champs to repay them for the work they did for him last year. The Vuelta organizers should be ashamed of themselves for forcing a rider to come to the race the way they did. This is especially true for a team live D-V which contains other great riders besides Cipo. Just look at Lombardi. He's a very capable sprinter who filled in Cipo's shoes when he dropped out of the Giro and won a stage himself.
In realityInspector Gadget
Sep 9, 2003 10:18 AM
And Petacchi won 4 of 6 stages and wimped out when it came to truly working.
The glory of his past is not important. If he can't take it anymore, he should retire gracefully, instead of making a mockery of the event. If he wasn't so self-centered, he'd still be honoring his committment to ride. Now D-V will not be allowed into next year's Vuelta, nor the Tour, for sure, especially with Cipo on board. D-V has now become the cycling equivalent of VD. Everyone will avoid them.
I agree...Dwayne Barry
Sep 9, 2003 10:41 AM
the person who is at fault is whoever told the Vuelta organizers that Cipo would be there in order to secure DV's invite. If this was Cipo than he deserves some of this scorn, of course, he may very well have had nothing to do with it. Although, I believe he at least floated the idea that he was going to ride the Vuelta over the pass weeks even if he didn't make the "deal" per se with the organizers.