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vuelta stage 1 GCpasta4breakfast
Sep 8, 2003 10:29 PM
If the vuelta kicks off with a TEAM time trial, how do they get the leaders INDIVIDUAL time in the GC at the end of the day?
Easy....Dwayne Barry
Sep 9, 2003 2:08 AM
all the members of the winning team that cross the line together get the same time, and whoever crosses the line first gets the leader's jersey. In fact, I believe there are still 4 ONCE riders with the same time, so whoever finishes highest on the most recent stage (or maybe it's an aggregate of all stage finishes so far?) gets the leader's jersey. So it went from GdG to Rodriquez after the second stage, and I believe yesterday the plan was for Nozal to finish 1st amongst the ONCE riders and get the jersey, but they screwed it up at the finish and Rodriquez still has it.
Sep 9, 2003 2:27 PM
yes, time plus points when time is equal. so Rod. accidentally finished in front of Nozal yesterday and therefore had more points.