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Question - RE: Lemong and Aerobars in 1989 Tour(5 posts)

Question - RE: Lemong and Aerobars in 1989 TourMaRider
Aug 22, 2003 3:28 PM
Not to take anything away from a great win by LeMond,
and I admit I am too young to be able to appreciate that race fully (13 year old at the time), but what if someone made the argument that his 8-second win was mostly due to the technological advantages (aerobars) as opposed to physical and mental abilities?

Do you think he would still win the race if it happened a year or two later when everyone was accustomed to the use of aerobars?

What do ya all think?

Just thinking aloud, trying to kill the time between Tour and Vuelta... This board is so empty in August :)
re: Question - RE: Lemong and Aerobars in 1989 TourMShaw
Aug 23, 2003 10:14 PM
I think that it was a combo of a BIG want to win, and technology that did Fignon in. He thought he had it, so didn't ride as hard as ole LeMond.

I'm fairly sure that LeMond would've won just because he wanted it more. Just not by as much (as if 8sec is a lot!)

Easy to say, in retrospect,TJeanloz
Aug 27, 2003 5:16 AM
Had everybody used the equipment that LeMond did, and had Fignon known that LeMond would be able to catch him, Fignon almost certainly would have won the race. Keep in mind that that TT remains the fastest TT stage in Tour (de France) history - even given technological advances.

The win was groundbreaking precisely because it turned the page in cycling - if LeMond had not won, there's a good chance that it would have been many more years before aerobars were commonly adopted. It was not a cut-and-dried assumption, as it is now, that aerobars will make you faster.
re: it is not as simplecyclopathic
Aug 27, 2003 10:41 AM
Fignon was using both disk wheels and LeMond had 32-spoke front (about 3 times drag of disk) and disk rear(?). More over Greg used "aero" helmet which instead created more drag. His hand position on the bars was too high, at least by modern wind tunnel based recommendations.

But that's where it gets really funny from some calculations I had seen even Fignon's pony tail had accounted for 11sec and would have made all the difference. If he had cut it (or even more shaved head), Greg would have lost.
there's a anecdoteatpjunkie
Aug 27, 2003 11:42 AM
from one of Fignon's domestiques. He says there is a spot in PAris that he valculated where Fignon lost the yellow. There is a Cafe there and he says he cries when he passes it. "This is where I lost my new car" as he lost the divided $$ from losing the MJ.