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Waiting in the races....(1 post)

Waiting in the races....wspokes
Aug 4, 2003 5:54 AM
Just a thought on the subject.
When I raced (and I use the term loosely)...if someone fell behind you. you kept racing. there was no stopping and waiting. You had no idea who fell half the time, no idea if they were back up...etc. The Now, they wear the earpieces so they know what is going on. Fact is, in the old days, would they wait? Probably not. It would probably be a time to attack and put time on them. I wiped out at the front of the peloton during the tour de toona crit one free lap because there was only 2 laps left. I was 10 seconds out on a chase group and a full lap ahead of the peloton thanks to a continuos downpour that slowed the pace...Did they wait. Hell no...they attacked. I still finished 5th with a broken collarbone...most stupid decision I ever made. Different level of racing! BY FAR, no comparison. But I wonder if the rules of sportsmanship are different or should they even be different. Racing is racing. take the New earpieces away and they simply don't know what is occuring far ahead or far behind...all you know is line of sight or what you hear. Or does the fact that so much money is involved in these races make the difference. Take the classic P-R....probably one of the most prestigious classics...I don't recall someone waiting for someone falling. Or does the fact that it is the Tour de France make the difference...Just some thoughts. No flames please!