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Mixed Tour for Lance's sponsors(7 posts)

Mixed Tour for Lance's sponsorsSpoiler
Aug 2, 2003 7:52 PM
These are just some observations. The Tour is a place where sponsors products are seen in action. This isn't a showroom, Interbike expo with models and glass cases. No hiding defects, no excuses. No theory.

These aren't blanket statements, they're just possible impressions the products left on viewers. First impressions are important.

No broken 10-speed chains, so that's good.
Accidental pedal release-fluke or not, that's bad press.
Brake rub-either sabotage, incompetant mechanics or a caliper that won't hold adjustment=bad
Lance says pad friction really slowed him down. Isn't that what brakes are supposed to do=good

Speed suit doesn't win prologue, Speed suit blowout, Lance dehydrates despite the "vents" along the side=bad
Speed suit wins TTT=good
Lance tries a new pair of shoes and says they messed up his hip. Even though shoes are an individual thing, if people buy stuff based on Lance's success with the product, the same people will see products that caused problems and avoid them like the plague=bad

broken chainstay=bad
Broken chainstay held together during rest of climb=good

helmets still aren't cool enough or light enough to wear up a mountain-bad
New rule gives helmets tons of additional TV camera time-good

Two yellow jersey wearers. Eager, French-bashing types get to chant "USA, USA!"=good
Team gets fined for wearing special uniforms on final day-great press. This makes the team seem more like a personable, cycling organization with flare like Saeco=good

One second, you're watching the commercial with Lance saying, "....outperform, outmaneuver the competition.." The next second you're seeing Beloki on the ground and Lance going offroad, avoiding disaster=Too perfect.

Hutchinson Tires-Lance goes off-road and tires holds up. During the interview with Frankie, Lance says he was waiting for the tire to pop. It never did=good

Oakley-it was interesting that Lance didn't choose to wear a pair of clear lenses during the final, rainy TT. Isn't that what the clear lenses are for=bad

CTS-Maybe Chris would be better off adopting a "Silent, low-key coaching genius" type of personna. This year, he added nothing new to the telecast. OLN could have just run tapes of his '02 comments. But athletes aren't looking for a media darling to map out their training plan, so he can get away with it.

any others?
Ha! That's an interesting way of looking at it.purplepaul
Aug 3, 2003 7:20 AM
Let's see:

Hutchinson Tires-
Tires don't flat despite being ridden off road = good.
News that Lance uses Vittoria tires despite Hutchinson sponsorship = bad.
Fact that I have ridden on Hutchinsons myself and know what pieces of sh!t they are = really bad.

Sport of Cycling-
All those crashes = bad.
All those crashes = good.
(Depends on if you're a soccer mom or a hockey fan).
Ha! That's an interesting way of looking at it.gray8110
Aug 3, 2003 10:39 AM
Yeah, Hutchinson doesn't make tubulars - everyone on USPS rides Tubulars - they weren't huthinsons. Of course everyone was quick to blame Hutchinson (ONCE's Tire sponsor as well) for the failure of Beloki's tire - but he was riding someone elses tubular product as well.
Ha! That's an interesting way of looking at sogno
Aug 12, 2003 6:02 PM
From the pictures of his crash it looked as if Beloki was on clinchers. There looked to be rim tape on the rim (post crash). To me, watching the video of the crash and the way the tire came off made it look like a clincher coming off. What do you guys think???
Did any of the Hutchinson teams ride their custom tires?spookyload
Aug 3, 2003 12:42 PM
There has been a heap of hoopla here about the custom team tires they made, and I haven't seen any of the tires ridden except in warmups or postrace parades.
USPS used clinchers on flat stagesCharlesTT
Aug 4, 2003 10:33 PM
They used the bontrager aero aluminum wheels that are not available in tubular form. With those wheels they did use there hutchinson team tires. Why dont they use bontrager aero carbons you ask? Not as stiff, not as sturdy, and also a crap breaking surface on the carbons.
Aug 4, 2003 10:47 PM
Not a stellar endorsement of the carbon version. 30mm isn't all that aero is it? If a tour team, who can bust out a new pair each stage, won't use them, why would any other racer?