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Tour de France on IMAX.(3 posts)

Tour de France on IMAX.fcebedo
Jul 29, 2003 1:44 PM
Okay, I hear rumors that the IMAX team has been filming the Tour de France following Tyler Hamilton around. The best movie crew and tech for the best race ever! Sign me up. I'll be at the local IMAX on opening day.

But alas, too good to be true. I did a google search and:

The film is called 'Brainpower'. 'The moviemakers are using the Tour to explain how the human brain works,' WTF????? What kind of BS angle is this? Why not make and IMAX film called Tour dayyyyyyy France? The greatest race in the world! There is soooo much material this year, so many stories. This could be one of the best sports stories ever told.

'Brainpower'... Explaining how the human brain works under stress. C'mon. Opportunity lost! What else can I say?

How do you folks feel? Can we call/write IMAX and convince them, slap them around a bit?

re: Tour de France on IMAX.spankdoggie
Jul 30, 2003 11:33 AM
IMAX is cool for the great experience. I don't care about the theme as long as they show some cool racing footage, and I believe that is what they plan on doing. Of course, to draw an audience, "how the brain works" would be an important impetus towards achieving that goal...

Remember Frandog Cebedo, you were once just a clueless jackass mountain bike rider, and so was I, but we are older now, and we love road biking as well. However, it is not a mainstream American sport, and may never be, but who knows...

I think we all should just appreciate the fact that they are showing an IMAX film with serious road racing in it. Sounds pretty cool to me.
IMAX = educational (mostly)gregg
Jul 31, 2003 8:10 AM
Although I saw ESPN's Ultimate X at the Metreon in SF, most of the IMAX movies have an "educational" theme in theme. In SJ, at the Tech Museum, that's all they play.

Yeah, it's kinda weak considering the kind of movie "we" want to see, but like Spanky says above, it'll give the movie broader appeal. Which should be a good thing.