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Question on etiquettewjtm
Jul 29, 2003 5:40 AM
I still think that when Ullrich slowed down for Lance it was pretty classy, even if the favor had already been done to him (albeit in less competitive circumstances). But it has me thinking.
When Lance fell, Ullrich was about 20 feet behind him, and Ullrich slowed down for Lance.

1. Let's say the fall was reversed, and instead Ullrich fell while he was 20 feet behind Lance. Would Lance have slowed down even though he just started his breakaway?
2. What if Lance were 100 feet up the road and he looked back and saw Ullrich on the pavement? Should he slow down then?
3. What if Lance were 300 feet ahead and heard about the crash on the radio?

In all of the circumstance imagine that it's just the two of them with nobody else around.
re: Question on etiquettemohair_chair
Jul 29, 2003 6:21 AM
The sporting tradition says that you wait for the leader and the top contenders if they have an incident, especially if it isn't their fault (i.e., flat tire). The idea is not to neutralize the race but to make sure you beat your contenders fairly. I have no doubt that Lance would wait for Ullrich to get back up, but if he were out front on an attack when Jan crashed behind him, he wouldn't necessarily wait for him to catch up. If that were the rule, guys would be running into spectators all day so they wouldn't lose any time.

If you remember the crash, Mayo had attacked, Lance responded and took over, but Ullrich was right there with them when Lance and Mayo went down. He waited to restore that state, where the three of them were together. Once that state is achieved, the race can begin again.

On stage 15, in 1998, Pantani attacked Ullrich on the Galibier, got up the road, but then he paused to wait for Jan to fix a flat. Once Jan was up and moving again, Pantani continued. Jan never caught up, and in fact, lost eight minutes on that epic stage, but it wasn't because he got a flat. Stage 15 seems to produce a lot of epic stages in the Tour.