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Why is Lance a tool sometimes...mentioning his difficulties?(5 posts)

Why is Lance a tool sometimes...mentioning his difficulties?curtybirdychopper
Jul 28, 2003 12:54 PM
Sometimes I just want to cringe when I hear an Armstrong quote in which he makes sure to point out each detailed bit of adversity he has undergone. The media already belabors these details. Why can't he just be a big man and let someone else tell everyone he's had a tough life or a tough stage. I wouldn't call it bragging, but does this bother anyone else.

For example, why was it necessary to mention his courtesy for Ulrich a couple years ago? He should have just acknowledged Ulrichs courtesy, and let the media or his coach or teammates mention it is an unwritten rule or that Lance did the same for Jan in the past.

To me, his accomplishments would be even more impressive if he would let someone else toot the horn for once or if he would understate his performance for once.
I'm just glad he gives a real interview...Slowclimber
Jul 28, 2003 2:17 PM
At least Lance gives a real interview. If you ever listen to a member of a major american sports team you should know what I mean.

"We gave 110 percent"
"Both teams played hard"

This is assuming you can understand what they are actually saying.

I applaud Lance for telling it like it is. He had difficulty during the stage and let people know it.

Why is it that athletes can't give them self a little praise every now and then? They work their butts off year round destroying their bodies in ways you and I would never do or be able to comprehend, but they can't say "I had some troubles and adversity during this tour"?

Why must he leave it up to the media to put this information into circulation, when it's a well known fact that they pretty much screw up everything said to sell more papers?

I for one know that I wouldn't leave it up to somebody else to let others know I was having problems during a long tour. Why is it somebody elses responsibility?

I want to hear what happened from the source so I know the truth not something that has been re-written 50 times so it's politically correct and not offensive to any member of society or the peleton.

Lance gives his team credit for working their butts off, gives his competitors credit for giving a complete effort during the race and showing true sportsmanship, talks honestly with the press and has humbled quite a bit from his younger days.

Quite honestly I get tired of hearing people do what you are complaining about. I have no desire to hear a spoksman speak for somebody, nor do I have a desire to hear an athlete pay complete homage to a competitor that they just beat. Why not let them enjoy their victory and tell the truth for once? Is that so hard to do?

Essentially to me being politically correct is just a way of lying to somebodys face but making the person they are lying to feel good about it.
off a bitcurtybirdychopper
Jul 28, 2003 2:55 PM
Its more that he makes excuses, even when he doesn't have to just so 'we know why he only won by 1 minute instead of 6'.

And it seems that he tries to be humble but cant quite pull it off.

Politically correct gets old quickly, just as cliches do. I'm not talking about this. Its just that he had an 'off' tour and he had to let everyone know why instead of just going about his business and coming back next year.

I agree, he does credit and respect his mates and opponents, and I admire that. But I wish he'd just lay off the excuses, especially b/c they aren't needed.'s my 2 cents...EpicX
Jul 28, 2003 6:36 PM
pro racers are by and large whiny. it varies as to just how much whine you get from them. at one end of the scale, you have the guys like lance that just mention the factors that may have led to a sub-par performance. at the OTHER end you have guys like McEwen that see a conspiracy everywhere and a butterfly flapping it's wings in china caused him to lose on the Champs-Elysées. somewhere in the middle, you've got David Millar.

i don't think these guys are saying this stuff for OUR benefit as much as for theirs. I think they want this on the record so the SPONSORS know, hey i had a bad day because .
THIS IS WHY...OLN is not the first to interview.Canidraftyou
Jul 28, 2003 10:26 PM
OLN is not the first to interview. The French have first interviewing rights. By the the time OLN or anyother American TV network interviews him, he goes ahead and answers in advance. Maybe not the best approach, but after a long hard ride, relaxing in the team van and getting food into his system my guess would be high on his list.

My two cents on the subject.

Peace out