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Lance's back injured(2 posts)

Lance's back injuredcyclodawg
Jul 26, 2003 2:18 PM
A couple days ago Carmichael was quoted as saying that Lance was riding with his stem set a little higher than normal because of a back injury suffered in his fall in the spring. I've noticed that Lance has not been quite as low in the iTT's this year. Could this be one of the difficulties that Lance keeps referring to in interviews? Could he be riding (and winning) with a back injury?

That still wouldn't explain why he dehydrated last Friday, but it would explain why he didn't attack more in the mountains...

One of the oln announcers referred to this possibility today as well.
re: Lance's back injuredatpjunkie
Jul 28, 2003 6:14 PM
downhill crash in the Dauphine. I think he was more hurt than he ever let on.