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Ullrich's LAZINESS cost him the TdF!!!(24 posts)

Ullrich's LAZINESS cost him the TdF!!!spyderman
Jul 26, 2003 9:27 AM
To opt to watch the course on tape vs preview it by doing a "reconnaissance ride" is just plain LAZY!

The only way he will win again is if Lance retires...
re: Ullrich's LAZINESS cost him the TdF!!!gray8110
Jul 26, 2003 9:34 AM
Ullrich had previously reconned the course - Is it any more lazy to do what Lance did, tour the course in the team car this morning than watch it on TV?? It may be stupid but not lazy.
lance checked it out days before.ishmael
Jul 26, 2003 9:58 AM
said phill and paul. The talked up the chances of Jan winning.
Well...Ron B
Jul 26, 2003 9:39 AM
I truely doubt Jan's not going over the ITT course cost him the tour.

Jan could have rode it, drove it, watched it on TV and it wouldn't have mattered today. Lance is back on form and matched Jan throughout the ITT.

Jan, was not lazy this year either. He came into the tour in top form, bettern than pretty much every year except the year he won (and he may be on better form than then as well).

He didn't loose it because he was lazy, he lost it because there was a better rider in the peleton.
Ullrich did his bestesbike
Jul 26, 2003 10:06 AM
I think Jan would have taken it a little easier on the corners if he was building up a tour winning lead over Lance. He wasn't and so he took more risks. I think the
fall can be attributed to his pushing it in order to have any hope of winning the overall.
Better rider?downunderracer
Jul 27, 2003 8:11 PM
Lance may have been the better rider, but he also had the better team. USPS took 43 seconds over Bianchi in the TTT. They also helped Lance a hell of a lot more than Jan's team helped him. You can't win a TdF without a great team.
I think Ullrich was just going for brokePhatMatt
Jul 26, 2003 10:42 AM
Lance pre rides all of the critical stages. He said that he had pre ridden the ITT in April. Ullrich had to pull out all of the stops to win and was. I would have like to see this stage jan in good weather.

re: Ullrich's LAZINESS cost him the TdF!!!_jim_
Jul 26, 2003 10:56 AM
another expert cycling analyst
well said!fcebedo
Jul 26, 2003 8:29 PM
you hit the nail on the head. how can we add to his expert analysis?

well said!Pinarelloparis
Jul 28, 2003 5:01 AM
dude he just posted that up here to get everybody to notice him. sensationalism at its worst. ullrich is by no means lazy. remember, he has been runner-up for 5 years i think. you have to take a serious mental beating to have that happen. coming back for more, well, that just takes balls.
Not sensationalism, just fact. As close as this tour was??spyderman
Jul 28, 2003 11:01 AM
Ullrich should'be been doin' everything possible not to come in second again!!!

If he had gone out in a car vs watching a vid he would've gained a better perspective of the stage. How can you tell if there is a false climb or sharper grade..etc from a vid. Not possible. These things matter.

Poor judgement, or just plain lazy, you take your pick.
re: inflamatory subject line dont ya think?cyclejim
Jul 26, 2003 11:01 AM
Ullrich did not lose the Tour because he was lazy. He prepared very well this time and was in better shape than he had for years. Do you really think not previewing the course by car rather than video would have allowed him to take 1:07 out of Lance? He rode as hard as he could, was pushing it and he crashed. It happens. Its not laziness.
Jul 26, 2003 1:41 PM
look at the name of guy who started the thread
If the conditions were better...spyderman
Jul 26, 2003 9:04 PM
I think Ullrich stood a very good chance of taking some time out of Lance.

Yes, he pushed the edge and road too fast, but if he reconned the route and imagined what it'd be like with a tail wind, wet...etc. he would've known where he could push it and where not to... I don't believe you can get that kind of input from a video...

So, yes, as close as this tour was, his laziness by not going out the morning of cost him the TdF!

Bobka #2 has spoken...
Jul 27, 2003 2:59 AM
you should be a commentator. you know you are talking about

bobka #2 asshat
commentary edit_jim_
Jul 27, 2003 3:03 AM
you should be a commentator. you know what you are talking about

bobka #2 asshat
and i'm sure lance got a much better feel for road conditionsrufus
Jul 27, 2003 5:04 AM
from the front seat of the team car. how can you tell how slippery a turn might be on a bicycle from your seat in a car? probably about as well as you can by looking at it on tape.

ulrich wasn't really taking huge risks, the front wheel just slid out. armstrong had a bit of a shimmy at the same place as well, but by then he had been warned to slow down, so he stayed upright.
Sitting in bed eating bon bons watching a video...spyderman
Jul 27, 2003 9:27 AM
cost him the race!

Everyone has options, he chose not go out and preview the stage.

And yes, if you go out and tour the stage in a car you will get a better feel for the conditions...

LAZY a$$ed druggie!
riding it in a car is gonna be far different than on a bike nmrufus
Jul 27, 2003 9:56 AM
re: Ullrich's LAZINESS cost him the TdF!!!biggearlover
Jul 26, 2003 2:05 PM
Ullrich went flat out almost all the way, took more risks (had to) than LA.
LA went flat out for maybe 5, 10 miles. Then he knew he could match Jan's speed, and just consolidated. Certainly took no risks.
That means LA was better on the straights, which means seeing the course beforehand was not a big factor. Sounds logical?

Great performance by LA, kept his head all the way, could have been faster if needed. Really great.
You bet. And how good was Millar's ride?KG 361
Jul 26, 2003 5:51 PM
Pretty 'friggin impressive, if you ask me.
You bet. And how good was Millar's ride?biggearlover
Jul 26, 2003 7:28 PM
a lot more impressive than his attempts for the stage a couple of days back.
was he wearing that huge gold chain again?
Don't know. Didn't actually see his ride. Time was impressive nmKG 361
Jul 27, 2003 12:50 PM
re: Ullrich's LAZINESS cost him the TdF!!!aljue
Jul 28, 2003 11:50 AM
DUDE...if Lance went before ullrich...things could've changed. If Lance had no contact with Bruyneel from race radios...things could've changed. Rider placement and riders dependent on their radios can vastly influence the outcome of the stage, but by no means change the overall GC. I still believe Jan could've beaten Armstrong on that stage....but still not win over David Millar. Your argument on laziness overlooks the other factors of the stage. But the race is over and the "what ifs" and "could've's"......shall continue within this thread.