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Are Lance and Jan sleeping well tonight?(11 posts)

Are Lance and Jan sleeping well tonight?MikeBiker
Jul 25, 2003 6:23 PM
I know if I had to ride for a TDF win tomorrow, I would be tossing and turning all night while constantly riding the course in in mind.

Jul 25, 2003 6:26 PM
I can't sleep well, and I just have a group ride tomorrow.
re: Are Lance and Jan sleeping well tonight?Andrew
Jul 25, 2003 7:17 PM
These guys are professionals. Tomorrow is just another day in the office for them. I doubt they are going to let it get to them too much. They both know what they have to do to win. They will just have to stick to their plan and see how everything goes. If I had biked the distance they have over the past 20 days, I would be able to sleep through WW3, unless I had a bad case of leg cramps in which case I would keep all of France awake with my screams of pain.
well if you rode 200 km today, i think you'd sleep pretty wellrrjc5488
Jul 25, 2003 7:38 PM
haha, I know I would!
Not me, I'd likely be overtrained and sleep like cr@p! :) nmnoveread
Jul 25, 2003 7:46 PM
i think lance is... check out these picsEpicX
Jul 25, 2003 7:26 PM
pictures from today on Graham Watson's site.

Gonna throw these at musette toting spectators!

So the Tour DAY France is easy Gibi?

Happy Lance

does this look like a guy thats worried? He looks so relaxed, you'd think he had a 5 minute lead. i wonder what he knows that we don't.
Anybody else notice...noveread
Jul 25, 2003 7:37 PM
how much less drawn his face is than just a week ago? Those days leading up to the first TT, the day of the first TT and right after he looked awful. Face of a dead man. He looks so much better these last few days.

I can't wait until the tour is over and the stories of exactly what has gone on start to surface...

The Empty Wrapper
Anybody else notice...koala
Jul 26, 2003 3:22 AM
The difference is very noticeable.
nope havent been watching enough. But...ishmael
Jul 26, 2003 7:26 AM
I think Jan must have been up at night thinking about it. He looked very anxious at the start today. Maybe he went out to some clubs the night before to chill out. Maybe he's a bit whacked out from his wild night. I think Simonni and him likely could have met up.
Lance, shmance. Am <i>I</i> going to sleep well???!SmogRider
Jul 25, 2003 7:51 PM
gettin in my PJs like it's x-mas eve! Bring it on!

deep breaths,
Lance, shmance. Am <i>I</i> going to sleep well???!Andrew
Jul 25, 2003 8:11 PM
Hehe. I feel the same way. My parents are in town for the weekend. My mother wants me to take her to some museum so she can buy a book in the morning. I told her I would give her directions because I was going to watch the ITT. She does not understand how important this stage is and why I want to watch it. If she is going to get her book tomorrow morning, she will have to go without me. Otherwise she will have to wait until the afternoon. Nothing is going to make me miss the stage tomorrow. I only wish it could start now.