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Off to Paris- Pic's of anyone in particular?(2 posts)

Off to Paris- Pic's of anyone in particular?boneman
Jul 25, 2003 10:17 AM
If I had known it would come down to the final TT, I would be leaving today and going to Nantes tomorrow from Paris. As it is, will arrive on Eurostar at mid-day and head off to a cafe to watch the TT in Paris.

Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, excepting the TT final stage of Lemond's victory, there's never been a break to Paris to decide the Tour since they've started finishing there in 1975 so it's going to be Cooke, McEwen and Zabel looking for green glory.

I'll be taking some pictures on Sunday and posting them in the gallery as in the past two years. Any rider or bike of which you want a pic, let me know. If the sun's out, forecast is currently for light rain but the weather just broke in London, I'll probably shoot about 200+ frames.

It's been a great tour so Sunday in Paris should be more fun than usual.
i think I speak for all of us here.......african
Jul 25, 2003 10:45 AM

Would love any picures of TT bikes, especially the handle bar set up (I have seen the pics on cycling news though). Or a picture of Virenque, Jalabert (retired one). And if you see Hamilton!! (tell him to eat a cheeseburger).

Enjoy your time....... thanks.