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Stage 19, The final conflict. Predictions??(14 posts)

Stage 19, The final conflict. Predictions??fcebedo
Jul 25, 2003 8:46 AM
Post your top 5 on the results of final time trial. Include time gaps too if you can.

While we're at it. Top 5 for the final yellow jersey standings.

socks! i want socks! where are my f@#$ing socks?JS Haiku Shop
Jul 25, 2003 9:09 AM

1 armstrong
2 ullrich 1:10
3 hamilton 1:40
4 vino 1:50
5 zubeldia 1:55


1 armstrong (is there a time bonus for itt win?)
2 ullrich 2:15
3 vino (i'm not doing any more math at this point)
4 zubeldia
5 hamilton
final .......african
Jul 25, 2003 9:21 AM

Armstrong :33
Uwe Peschel 1:45
Hamilton 1:55
Millar 2:39


Ullrich :30
Vino 3:35
gregg's got your back...fcebedo
Jul 25, 2003 9:23 AM
... he's even sending you the first edition of the roadbikereview Euro underwear (the one on the right).

...the thong remains the same...JS Haiku Shop
Jul 25, 2003 9:42 AM
you, dear sir, are sick & twisted.

there are exactly zero people in this world who would enjoy that scene.

i'll be on the lookout for my consumer review g-string.

thanks in advance.
That's just WRONG...biknben
Jul 25, 2003 10:46 AM
I'm picturing a 6 footish, 200#, hairy rider on a green Surly wearing a white thong.


CC girls...Kristen Armstrong...Podium Girls...Ahhh, that's better!!!
re: Stage 19, The final conflict. Predictions??Softrider
Jul 25, 2003 9:30 AM
Ullrich - :30
Hamilton - 1:00
Millar - 1:25
Zubeldia - 1:45
re: Stage 19, The final conflict. Predictions??tarwheel
Jul 25, 2003 9:55 AM
1. Armstrong
2. Ullrich, 0:10
3. Millar, 1:00
4. Hamilton, 1:30
5. Zubeldia, 2:00

1. Armstrong
2. Ullrich, 1:15
3. Vino
4. Zubeldia
5. Hamilton
tarwheel should get the win, IMPOMaRider
Jul 26, 2003 11:31 PM
nobody got it right, as everyone put Lance/Ullrich in top 2, but tarwheel put Millar higher than anyone else, plus he got the Lance/Ullrich gap pretty close and Hamilton's overall position too.
If it wasn't for Ullrich's crash, he may have gotten it right!
Winning times270bullet
Jul 25, 2003 12:19 PM
This would be exciting.

Ullrich: 53 minutes
Armstrong: 54 minutes
Hamilton: 54 minutes 5 seconds

In Paris:
Ullrich +5 seconds

But more likely:
Armstrong: 53'10"
Ullrich: 53'20"

Go Lance. Funny thing - back when the tour started, many said Ullrich wasn't a contender. I posted that reports show him in the best shape of his life and he would contend. I was actually right about something. :)
Ullrich is not in the best shape of his life,TJeanloz
Jul 25, 2003 1:29 PM
1996 and 1997 Ullrich was stronger than the current version.
Lance will lose the time trial...fcebedo
Jul 25, 2003 12:47 PM
but he will win the war.

He will lose the time trial by 37 seconds. Jan Ullrich will break the time trial record and exceed the 54kph average.

Tyler will climb to 5th place and boot Mayo out.

I did a calculation of Jan's Wattage output throughout the first time trial and using that same output with much less climbing on stage 19, Greg Lemond's record is going down. Jan will be going 'like a grand prix motorcar'. (<- b.s. alert)

Lance is the champ and he will fight and he needs the time trial of his life. Jan's got the big guns though and on flat terrain, he is scary. He friggin blew by Ivan Basso on Stage 12!!

I dearly hope that both men are healthy tomorrow and have the performance of their lives.

Lance will lose the time trial...BAi9302010
Jul 25, 2003 3:41 PM
I wouldn't say this course fits LA or Ullrich perfectly. This stage would have been perfect for Alex Zulle though.
I don't need no stinking socks!MaRider
Jul 25, 2003 5:24 PM
I already won some a week ago, so I should let someone else win some. However, I need the thong, badly!

1. Armstrong 0:00 (yes, I think he'll win this one!)
2. Ulrich 0:10 (but it will be close!)
3. Hamilton 1:20 (great ride by Tyler)
4. Vinokourov 1:50 (riding for podium only)
5. Zubeldia 2:10 (to barely keep Hamilton away from 4th)

Final standings remain the same except for Hamilton climbing to the 5th by taking over a minute out of Mayo
(way to go, Tyler!).

1 Armstrong
2 Ullrich
3 Vino
4 Zubeldia
5 Hamilton