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Bringing more money into cycling, would be a great thing!!!(1 post)

Bringing more money into cycling, would be a great thing!!!Canidraftyou
Jul 23, 2003 9:12 AM
Im not trying to re-write history or say the fans show support in a wrong way, but maybe if the fans would display the team/sponsor colors more. It would bring more money into the sport. More money means more attention and additional attention would create more growth.

The sport is covered up with color...color is power, and with a half a million poeple spead along the way of the course color will always play a role.

How would I change the tour. If I was director of the Postal team, I would send a vehicle up in advance of the tour, and throw thousands of Postal flags out (Large Flags). You see a huge support with flags of different nations, this is an international sport, not limited to Europe. If they start showing team/sponsors colors more, then more money would come into the sport. Im not able to quote numbers like an earlier post (african), but the teams need to get the sponsors name out there more, not limited to a break away.

The biggest and fastest growing sport in the world at this time, is NASCAR. It all comes back to the sponsors. Some may say we need to keep cycling simple and keep it unchanged. Thats fine, but if cycling wants to grow larger they must include more sponsor involvement. This dont mean more commercials, "The Power Bar commercial free half an hour" is a huge thing. That slot could be worth millions in the future. With a little icon of a Power Bar in the upper right corner, very well thought out!

Just throwing thoughts out there to help cycling.

PS, dont have time to proof gotta get on the bike. Dont just talk the game, DO IT!

Peace out