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Jul 22, 2003 6:28 PM
That's right....

Feel free to grill this guy at
PLEASE DO NOT...gala7516
Jul 22, 2003 6:39 PM
give this jackass or his jackass editors any attention. He would love that.
I haven't decidedMel Erickson
Jul 22, 2003 7:23 PM
If this is a very poor attempt to rehash a yearly ritual of the sporting news establishment or a heavily veiled and fiendishly clever parody of the sporting news establishment. Whichever, it's still merely entertainment and not worth the paper this post is written on.
Nice timingSpoiler
Jul 22, 2003 9:02 PM
This guy probably had this written before the tour started. The genius is not in the factual correctness, effectiveness of his arguements, or in the subject matter.
The genius is in the timing. You can't publish this at the beginning of the Tour. It's too early. Many people don't even know the Tour is going on.
So he publishes it when interest is highest, and at a time when the cycling community would take most offense.
These are 1/2 a$$ attempts at humor only....jesse1
Jul 23, 2003 2:29 AM
...and aren't taken seriously by anyone who's ever tried peddling a bike up a short grade. And what resonable adult wouldn't remember that as a kid. There are probably a few beer-swilling (not that anything's wrong with that!)pot-bellied red-necks that would find a bass fishing tournament more to thier viewing pleasure. But to anyone that would actually consider this "journalist" as being correct in his opinion, tell them to take this guy up on his assumption that given a couple of years, he (and anyone else who may try) could become a "professional" cyclist. Put up the money! It's a better bet than the stock market!
people like this live in fear (daily) for good reason (nm)JS Haiku Shop
Jul 23, 2003 6:14 AM
JOURNALISM IS NOT WRITING. (what a jughead...) nm128
Jul 23, 2003 6:26 AM
Jul 24, 2003 5:16 AM
Written as if I care what he thinks.

I don't.