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Armstrong crash: Trek frame too fragile?(2 posts)

Armstrong crash: Trek frame too fragile?biggearlover
Jul 22, 2003 8:54 AM
This is in my dutch (quality) newspaper this evening (my translation):

'After the last Pyrenees stage Leblanc was behind the honors stand where Armstrong was subjected to the dopingtest. With amazement on his face he looked at A's bike, parked against the dopingbus. Leblanc even touched the bike. Nothing to see. Only the bartape on the left side was scraped and the side of the saddle lost a minute amount of plastic. Later it appeared the frame was broken.'

Broken? After this low speed fall? Armstrong rides stock Trek frames?

I think I'll stick to steel.

Anyone knows more about this? Like the guy with the non-Madone frame for Armstrong?
Jul 22, 2003 11:30 AM
Look, I am not surprised by constant scrutiny about Lance and Trek bikes, however they prove themselves more by their performance then anything I have to add. In spite of that, I will answer any fall on any bike can break a frame if it hits just right. My team mates get ride of their steel and aluminum bikes after 2 years cause the flex is so noticable. I hit a car with my OCLV at 30mph and there was no visable damage to the frame except scratches and some white lines where the frame flexed. Trek x-rayed it and it turned out that it was totaled. Then they gave me $400 for a new frame. Is there another company that would do this? If you read below there is a post concerning the 5.9 Madone and why Lance is using the 5900 SL. I crashed my 5900 once in a race before I got hit by a car and it remained unscathed. Trek and Lance prove critics wrong time and time the way steel flexes quite a bit after 2 seasons of hard riding...not as much as some do I know, friends and bike shop owners agree on this accross the board. Im not saying steel is bad or alminum. On heavy riders its better then carbon in some cases. I know a massive rider who is 6'3 and puts out 2000+ watts in a sprint and has broken 2 Trek frames...and a few C'dale frames just on power. But I am sure Hincapie puts out more and does fine.