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Jul 22, 2003 3:38 AM
Here's a quote from Tyler Hamilton, confirming my thoughts about the aftermath of the crash yersterday:
"After Lance crashed, the other guys kept on going, but it's an unwritten rule that if the Maillot Jaune crashes, you give him a chance to get back," said Hamilton. "I didn't feel like other guys were waiting, so it was my responsibility to go up front and tell them to slow down and wait a few seconds." (from

Interesting to see how Hamilton went about to lay down the law,'reminding' the Basque Boys that there will not be an attack immediately following a crash. Both were itching to go, Zubielda went immediately after Armstrong got back on.
Most impressive to watch Tyler as the enforcer up front. Getting the 'heads of state' to do as you say will only work if you are one of them. It would certainly appear that he is...
re: Yes, Great coverage on that stage...evs
Jul 22, 2003 4:17 AM
They got all the action that was most important.Tip o' the hat to those crazy camera guys and motorcycle riders.It must be hard with the cameraman all over the back of the motorcycle to keep it in control plus getting the great shots as they fly down the mountains leaning this way and that.Surprising they never seem to crash.I'm biased I guess since Tyler is a local boy but it was nice to see him do it.Maybe in a year or 2 he might win the Tour.(fingers crossed).Wow, another american doing.To unbelievable to think about in the present.But you must admit that those Basque riders must have been pumped up with all the support they had.Great turn out for them. Did you see the night before when the moto guy shoved one of the Basque supporters? Things look like they get a little crazy on those climbs.Must be an incredible feeling being a rider going up through that scene.

evs(enjoying a great show)
well said Seyboro......CARBON110
Jul 22, 2003 5:47 AM
I think anyone who wins L-B-L and has been in every TDF since 1998 is a well known person...esepcially when your team has one every single TDF except the 1998. Tyler commands respect more now then ever and he deserves it.