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A couple "Lone Gunmen"-type thoughts on today's stage...(3 posts)

A couple "Lone Gunmen"-type thoughts on today's stage...Larry Klassen
Jul 21, 2003 6:42 PM
First, I don't think Jan was intent on waiting for Lance - he was keeping a pretty good clip for a while after the crash (and he had to avoid him after crashing, so he knew full well that he was down). He did eventually make the right decision, though (imagine how everyone would hate him if he didn't, eh?).

Second, I'm also not so sure the "fan" didn't know what they were doing (here's where we get into the "lone gunmen" (X-Files reference for those who don't know) territory). If you watch the tape closely, the bag is put out fairly quickly, and then snatched back - was that realizing a mistake, or was it an attempt to screw Lance up? I think Lance was in clear view when the bag was put out there. Also, why would someone be sticking a feed bag out on the last few KM's of the last climb of the day? I know people wave flags, etc., but why a bag of all things?! All I'm saying is, it didn't look completely innocent to me. Make of that what you want (and you can all call me a kook if you want, too!). Either way - accident or no, that fan should be flogged for being such an idiot!
re: A couple "Lone Gunmen"-type thoughts on today's stage...Spoiler
Jul 21, 2003 8:11 PM
Jan was still turning over a 90+cadence while Lance was catching up, so I think you're right. Jan didn't attack, but he didn't coast either. I think he was prepared to ride tempo.

I saw the yellow bag "flick" out, extended by a skinny arm of a youth. It's likely the bag was a freebee from the preceding caravan. It's possible the person just wanted to brush Lance or his bike, much like the people who drape a flag across a rider's path.
The kid had a yellow bagMel Erickson
Jul 22, 2003 6:49 AM
and was waving it in excitement and cheering on the cyclists like everyone else was waving whatever they had (flags, hats, scarves, shirts). As Armstrong passed VERY close by the kid pulled the bag in and it caught on Armstrong's lever/bar. Fall down, go boom. Occam's Razor.