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Why?(2 posts)

Jul 21, 2003 2:09 PM
I guess one of the big questions I have is, why do all cyclists have an excuse for EVERYTHING? Sprinter and nearly whole team gone during first mountain stage (all had mysterious stomach virus). Armstrong has tough first week (stomach virus), tough ITT (severe dehydration). Why is it so difficult for cyclists, especially top level cyclists to just say "I got my butt handed to me today, he was great". No excuses.
re: Why?jhart11
Jul 21, 2003 5:38 PM
Re: 'Why is it so difficult for cyclists, especially top level cyclists to just say "I got my butt handed to me today, he was great". No excuses.'

Your hasty generalization tells me that you have not watched that many Tours. A look at any of the past 20 years of the Tour de France reveals many a gracious acknowlegement of defeat by bested riders. Ulrich shook Lance's hand in the 2001 tour, acknowleding defeat at the hands of Lance.

Perhaps these 'excuses' are legitimate. Have you considered the havoc wrought upon the immune system of a cyclist in the most difficult sporting event in the world, in the hottest edition for the past 50 years? No wonder these guys all have the 'green-apple-splatters.' With all the exertion, heat and travel I'm surprised that Immodium AD doesn't sponsor a Pro cycling team. Seriously though, Lance had no excuses today--in post race interviews he mentioned Ulrich's acceleration on the penultimate climb and he acknowledged Ulrich's superior power saying that Ulrich could go ahead and win the Tour if he continued at the pace for the rest of the stage. Indeed, Lance made no mention of the time that he might have gain without the crash. [Also see the 1996 Tour Dupont in which, then world Time Trial Champion, Tony Romiger acknowledges Lance's superior Time Trialing ability upon his defeat at the Texan's hands--no excuses].

p.s. It is not uncommon for Sprinters to bail out in the mountains--although Fasso Bortolo's mass abandon in the first week was abit of an embarassment to the team--sprinter Petachi's early exit was anticipated, but the rest of the team's abandon was not.

I think that you are probably just looking to rub some cyclists the wrong way with your generalization. Also, the Armstrong 'excuses' that you list are related--his 15 pound fluid loss was not just from sweat, but from the stomach virus as well. Armstrong has always said that Ulrich is a more physically talented cyclist than he is, a statment that flys in the face of your sophmoric taunt.