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Report from the Postal team mechanic(9 posts)

Report from the Postal team mechanicMel Erickson
Jul 21, 2003 1:19 PM
"As Armstrong got into his team car, a mechanic showed him that his bike was also in a bad way with the chain stay, which runs between the central cranks and the rear gear mechanism, broken." I'd really like to see a picture of that! Hard to believe he could climb like he did on a broken chainstay. The torque must have been tremendous. Even a cracked chainstay would have snapped like a twig. Maybe gouged or scraped but broken, no way.
Could have been crackedTJeanloz
Jul 21, 2003 1:33 PM
I've seen bikes that were ridden for weeks on a cracked chainstay. I've seen bikes in the shop that had their chainstay duct-taped back together. It would definitely be ridable with a small crack - though not a complete break.
Rideable under "normal" conditionsMel Erickson
Jul 21, 2003 1:38 PM
but able to withstand the torque that Armstrong was putting into those stays, especially the drive side, while cranking out of the saddle at max output up an 8% grade? Whoa, seems improbable to me. I wanna see a picture, and I'm not even from Missouri. Anybody got a link?
yeah but...gtx
Jul 21, 2003 2:00 PM
Lance isn't that big, and we all know he has a smooth spin... tends to be the big masher guys who break stuff.
yeah but...Mel Erickson
Jul 21, 2003 2:17 PM
Yeah, Phil says he dances on the pedals but there's still an awful lot of torque being generated. How many watts can he make? I've been trying to find pictures that might show the offending chain stay but so far, no luck.
I doubt you'll find it,TJeanloz
Jul 21, 2003 2:25 PM
I highly doubt there will be a photo of the chainstay - it will be a small, hairline crack regardless. There's no way that Trek wants that to be the lasting image of the 2003 Tour de France bike.
... agreed...Akirasho
Jul 21, 2003 7:20 PM
I suspect that Trek's version of MIB swarmed the bike and errant pedal at the end of the stage... neuralizing everone in sight...

Be the bike.
I'd think Trek would be proud!noveread
Jul 22, 2003 6:41 AM
Guy crashes on the final climb in a TdF stage, chainstay cracks but is still srong enough to withstand the "Power of Lance" and won the stage.

Good enough cracked, imagine whole! :)

The Empty Wrapper
watts ... high 500's or more continuousMrDan
Jul 21, 2003 4:11 PM
is what I remember reading... the guys aerobic capacity is
off the scales of the species...