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Phil and Paul quote of the Day...(4 posts)

Phil and Paul quote of the Day...PdxMark
Jul 21, 2003 11:21 AM
I was listening online. I guess that Lance fell onto his top tube when his foot pulled out of his pedal. Paul said that Lance "nearly lost his manhood."
He already nearly lost itshirt
Jul 21, 2003 11:24 AM
and if you watched the slow-mo replay, you'll see he never actually contacted the top tube.

Sometimes it seems like English and More English aren't watching the monitors very closely... Watch it tonight and you'll see.
Would you wait?Spoiler
Jul 21, 2003 3:28 PM
If your opponent dropped back because he racked his
nugget(s) on the top tube, would you wait or would you laugh and attack?
Would you wait?Spuden
Jul 21, 2003 5:39 PM
Both..Laugh and attack