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Another way of looking at it(2 posts)

Another way of looking at itfeathers mcgraw
Jul 20, 2003 7:47 PM
If you look at all stages except the TTT, Vino would be the leader, since Telekom lost 1:30 to Postal in the TTT. Bianchi lost 43 seconds to Postal, so Ullrich would leapfrog over Armstrong as well. Of course, had Armstrong been behind he wouldn't have ridden the same race he has, but it's still interesting that Vino has been doing the most work as an individual. If Armstrong wins this tour it would have to be the 'year of the team', much more so than last year.
Not the way I see it.lanterne rouge
Jul 20, 2003 8:14 PM
I disagree completely. I think more than anything Vinokourov has been an agressive opportunist. It started on the stage to Gap. Beloki and Armstrong pull him back without a doubt if not for Belokis crash. Add 51 seconds. Today without Lance and Jan marking each other he doesn't stay away. They would have pulled him back on the climb. Add another 43 seconds. He is back in third. Don't misunderstand me, I like Vino and think he is one heck of a rider, but opportunistic nonetheless. Also, I believe Armstrong is the one who has been answering almost all the attacks. Mayo and Beloki at first and now Jan and Vino. The last couple of days Lance has sat defiantly (albeit, today more comfortably than yesterday) on Jans shoulder as Vinokourov went away as if to say, "Jan it is your turn to chase." And as the TTT goes, Bianchi and Postal are a wash. The TTT is part of this race and usually Postal loses a few seconds here and there to either ONCE or another team. I think the current placings are justified and representative of the race taking place.