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Amazing comeback - but why no attack?(6 posts)

Amazing comeback - but why no attack?humbert
Jul 19, 2003 8:15 AM
Ullrich cranked away from Lance in the last 2k or so and, despite not seeing Lance's recovery and comeback to within several seconds because the French tv was elsewhere, it was clear Lance had something in reserve. Why wait to expend that reserve defensively? Why not attack Ullrich in those last few kilometers?
Maybe because he couldn't?jumphress
Jul 19, 2003 8:20 AM
According to race reports the course flattened out up at the top - even a decline at one portion - that gave Lance the chance to come back.

If Lance thought he could drop Jan with an attack, he would have. I guess his thinking was correct, as Jan dropped him.
Because he is still suffering...Ron B
Jul 19, 2003 9:12 AM
It sounds as if the heat has taken it's toll on Lance.

According to him he lost 15 pounds during yesterdays time trial. That's an amazinnng amount of weight to loose in one stage and it's all water weight. That had to sap a large portion of his strength and would take several days to recover. How they managed to screw up that badly is beyond me, unless it's an excuse.

If he came to the tour on form (a big if right now) and he did get the dehydrated, I'm amazed he is even close right now. Again if he is on form but dehydrated, if they treat him correctly he should be good to go by Monday's stage, if he can hold on.

Should be an interesting stage. If Ullrich beats Lance on Monday or even stays with him, he will more than likely be the tour champ this year. Lance needs to put a good 1:00 + on Ullrich on Monday to win the tour.
Because he is still suffering...bic
Jul 19, 2003 10:22 AM
Perhaps he is still suffering from a major screw up. Hard to believe the team that is known from such detail would make such a mistake. But perhaps that explains the loss in the TT and might negate Jans advantage in the final TT if Lance regains his past TT form.
Open your eyes folks: this year's Lance is only 90%!BergMann
Jul 19, 2003 11:48 AM
Why no attack?

I think after getting knocked around on three crucial stages by riders that he would have left minutes behind him in past years we now have to conclude, excuses or no excuses, that Lance is _off form_ this year.

Will it still be enough to squeak out a win?
This is the big question.
Are you serious?northcoast
Jul 19, 2003 12:07 PM
Don't you think he would attack if he could?

Isn't that what he always used to do?

Isn't that what you would do?

I think it is obvious that he isn't because he can't.

One way or the other, either he is not what he was or the others....have moved up a notch.