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Man, take a weekend off from following the Tour, and ...(5 posts)

Man, take a weekend off from following the Tour, and ...Humma Hah
Jul 15, 2003 10:31 AM
... all heck breaks loose. Just going over the standings, and there's:

107 008 PENA Victor Hugo COL USP at 1h 13' 35"

What happened? Did about half the racers stop Sunday for a nice, leisurely lunch or something? Days of no sigificant change in the standings kinda lulled me into not paying attention.
some of the most dramatic days in Tour history...DougSloan
Jul 15, 2003 10:38 AM
and you are not watching?

Pena can't climb, evidently.

If you are no longer in the running, no need to bust your butt every day, as long as you make the time limit. Save your energy to help the team leader.

I'd just read the summaries ...Humma Hah
Jul 15, 2003 1:12 PM
... I was up on the goings-on at the front of the race, but had no clue as to how far the vast majority of the riders were back until I saw how far some former leaders had slipped. I had to go back and scan the minute-by-minute account to believe that so many racers were out rec-riding the course.

I don't have cable or even internet at home at the moment, so couldn't follow the TdF closely. Wasted my time working on the bikes and riding instead.
pena went back to being a domestique...ColnagoFE
Jul 15, 2003 1:54 PM
i saw some footage of him hauling water bottles from the car to his teammates. that could wear someone out.
New to the Tour?CHRoadie
Jul 15, 2003 1:11 PM
There were no significant changes during the flat stages. Then came a little thing known as The Alps.