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Could Beloki's bike have contributed to the fall?...(3 posts)

Could Beloki's bike have contributed to the fall?...Frith
Jul 14, 2003 8:47 AM
I have a giant TCR composite and I have to say "stable" is not a word that resounds in my head when I'm decending. I love the bike but I have had some really scary decents on it (death wobbles and the like). I'm sure his bike handling skill is leagues ahead of mine and there are a whole bunch of other factors (soft tar, possible locked break and rolled tire etc) but all things being equal would a more stable rig possibly have come away clean?
re: Could Beloki's bike have contributed to the fall?...novagator
Jul 14, 2003 9:39 AM
I read that Armstrong said that Beloki's rear tire blew out, causing the crash
re: Could Beloki's bike have contributed to the fall?...syart
Jul 14, 2003 10:40 AM
Armstrong described the moment: "It wasn't an ideal surface, the tar was melting in the heat and it wasn't safe for a descent at that point of the stage. Beloki's tyre exploded because of the heat and I had to do a little bit of cycle-cross. It was just a survival reflex, I was really afraid especially when I saw the ditch coming towards me. I said ‘Oh-oh' and felt real panic, but I managed to stop and get off the bike and down onto the road."

For Beloki, unfortunately, there was no way back. The Spaniard stayed prone at the side of the road as team-mates Jorg Jaksche and José Azevedo tried to help him. Eventually Manolo Saiz arrived in the ONCE team car and it soon became obvious Beloki's race was over. Saiz stood on the verge watching Armstrong and the other contenders continue down the descent into Gap, then comforted his team leader as he was lifted into an ambulance convulsed with tears. First indications are that the Spaniard has a broken femur, elbow and wrist