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Lance's Form and Peaking during the Tour(5 posts)

Lance's Form and Peaking during the TourCoot72
Jul 13, 2003 6:41 PM
Now that Lance hasn't shredded the field, people are wondering if he's down a few horsepower. One of the issues that gets little press is peaking fitness at the right time. This year L'Alp D'Huez came relatively early at stage 8.

In 1999 and 2000, Lance seemed to lose a little form during the last week of the tour. He was still dominant in the time trials, but his climbing seemed to suffer a bit even if bonking contributed. Perhaps he peaked a little early and was a little impatient and emotional

In 2001 Lance was untouchable. He seemed to have nailed it, peaking a little later and staying strong in all the tough stages.

In 2002 Lance was a little "dull" on the first mountain finish, even though he won it(La Mongie). As the Tour progressed he seems to get stronger and/or other riders seemed to get weaker and he ran away with the victory.

Now in 2003, Lance has played conservatively because his form was a little off today. One reason could be he may have not peaked yet. There's evidence he's coming around. He said he was feeling bad on the Galibier and felt a little better on Alp D'Huez (when interviewed on Eurosport audio feed). It is quite possible that he has not yet hit full stride, and others like Beloki are burning themselves up.

On the other hand, the US Postal team set Lance up as if he was going to shred the field, so it isn't as if this is a strategy of choice. It's definitely a strategy of circumstance.

Peaking fitness is one of the arts in cycling. Lance is amazing because he's able to nail his peak fitness so well every year. It remains to be seen if he's really down on power or if his peak is a little delayed.

Next weekend is going to be interesting!

I think...QUiTSPiNiNArOuND
Jul 13, 2003 7:40 PM
Yes, this is still the first week of the tour, the mountains didn't come till stage 11 or something, theres a lot more km to go. He only sprinted into La mongie, still not reaching his peak yet. The first Time Trial hasn't even hit yet, and he still wants to reserve for that, and the one after. The Pyrennes still loom, there i think his form will be better. He just came off a stomach bug, and was forced to take antibiotics after the crash at Duaphine. he may be a little older, but im sure much wiser. Don't give up on Lance just yet.

P.S. Did anyone else see the Interview on OLN where his brakes where on his rim for about 200 km saying that he couldn't hold the wheel of his teammate down the Galibier. Must a took a bit of energy out of him, ya think?
if he's the master of peak training,fcebedo
Jul 13, 2003 8:06 PM
then why isn't he in peak shape right now?

Lance and Carmichael are the master of peaking at the right moment. Yes, yes. If that was the issue though, Lance would have trained to have peaked already. Peak now, for primetime, not next week. The last thing Lance would do is to train to show weakness on the mountains. If the mountains come on stage 1, he would train to peak at stage 1 right?

I don't think it's a problem of peaking. He said he had an off-day. He didn't have the legs today. I'll give him that cause he is the champion. I am certain he will rise to greatness before the tour is over.

Clearly though this tour is no cakewalk. From the time trial, to all these hot stages, he is looking ragged! I suspect it's the damn heat! Just as well. Let the champion fight for the win.

he could be in peak condition.dr hoo
Jul 14, 2003 4:16 AM
Keep in mind that it is Lance vs. EVERYONE. He covered attack after attack yesterday, and I am willing to bet that he and the Posties will have to cover attack after attack all the way to Paris. He might be conserving his energy for that.

Also, Lance is programed for a specific sequence of attacks. He plans his tour out not only to which stage he will attack, but the point on that stage. I have heard some knowledgeable ppl (Hinault) say BEFORE yesterday that they expected him to cover attacks yesterday, kick booty in the time trial, then blow ppl away in the pyranees. Will that happen? Dunno.

Still, that was an all time GREAT stage. Botero, perhaps Lance's biggest threat yesterday and this tour, learned that he CANNOT ride away from Lance. Last year Lance had trouble riding away from Botero. Great stuff to come!
beloki, not botero!dr hoo
Jul 14, 2003 4:19 AM
too early.... must have coffee and watch le tour!