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Simoni and riding 2 GTsWalter
Jul 13, 2003 5:09 PM
Unfortunately, I think what's happening to Simoni is more proof that in this "modern era" it's very hard to be competitive in multiple 3 week tours. Anybody who watched the Giro knows Simoni is a superb rider but he's got nothing here in France. Even if he gets his legs back later in the Tour and attacks he won't get his mano a mano with LA since Simoni is already out of GC contention.

I used the term "unfortunate" b/c I hold to the dated idea that a "champion" doesn't treat one race as the entire season. He should be racing all season. However, Simoni's situation is a strong argument against that.

Perhaps Beloki deserves a few more props than he usually gets around here for his podium finishes at the Tour and Vuelta?