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16 H 38 - Helmets Discarded... The Climb Begins!(1 post)

16 H 38 - Helmets Discarded... The Climb Begins!fcebedo
Jul 13, 2003 2:10 PM
... never a more fitting real-time header! Can't wait for OLN. Phil and Paul are going to need a good massage after this one.

Read from the bottom of course.

17 H 31 - The New Top Six Overall...
The top six in the overall classification after stage eight is:
1. Lance Armstrong (USP)
2. Jooseba Beloki (ONE) at 40"
3. Iban Mayo (EUS) at 1'10"
4. Alexandre Vinokourov (TEL) at 1'17"
5. Francisco Mancebo (BAN) at 1'37"
6. Tyler Hamilton (CSC) at 1'52"

17 H 29 - Virenque Finishes 9'30" Behind Mayo
The yellow jersey finished the stage riding alongside his team-mate, Michael Rogers, 9'30" behind the stage winner.
Lance Armstrong is the new overall leader of the Tour de France. Armstrong is 40" ahead of last year's runner-up, Joseba Beloki.

17 H 23 - Ullrich's Group At 3'38"
Jan Ullrich has finished the stage with a deficit to Mayo of 3'38".

17 H 21 - Armstrong In Yellow!
Lance's third place, 2'14" behind Mayo is enough for him to inherit the yellow jersey.

17 H 21 - Armstrong Takes 3rd at 2'14"
Lance has led his group home to take third place 2'14" behind Mayo.

17 H 20 - Virenque Behind By 8'30"
Virenque is 8'30" behind Mayo.

17 H 20 - 2nd For Vinokourov
Alexandre Vinokourov has taken 2nd place, 1'44" behind Iban Mayo.

17 H 20 - Vinokourov At 1'50"
Vinokourov was 1'50" behind Mayo at the last time check. The groupp of Armstrong - Laiseka, Basso, Zubeldia, Hamilton, Beloki and Mancebo - is 2'20" behind Mayo as they pass under the 1km to go banner.

17 H 18 - Mayo Wins The Stage!
Iban Mayo of the Euskaltel team has won the stage in 5h57'30"!

17 H 17 - Mayo About To Win The Stage!
Beloki, Armstrong, Zubeldia and Hamilton are now less than 2km from the finish.
They are almost exactly 1km behind the stage leader, Mayo (who has an advantage of 2'11").

17 H 16 - 2km To Go For Vinokourov
Vinokourov is 1'48" behind Mayo at the 2km to go mark.

17 H 15 - The Situation Now
Mayo leads Vinokourov by 1'49" and Lance Armstrong's group by 2'10".

17 H 15 - 2km To Go
Mayo has 2km to go before claiming his first stage win in the Tour. The latest leading margin he had on Armstrong was 2'10".
Lance is riding with Beloki, Hamilton and Zubeldia.

17 H 13 - Armstrong 2'10" Behind Mayo
Mayo is leading the Armstrong group by 2'10".

17 H 13 - Situation With 3km To Go
Mayo is in the final 3km of the stage.
The situation is:
Vinokourov at 1'39"
Beloki, Armstrong, Basso, Hamilton & Zubeldia at 1'57"

17 H 13 - 3km To Go
Mayo is less than 3km from the finish of the stage. He is going to win the stage unless something dramatic happens... We await the time checks at the 3km to go mark...

17 H 10 - Beloki Attacks Again!
Beloki has surged ahead of the Armstrong group. He is matched by the defending Tour champion. This group is now 1'48" behind Mayo.

17 H 09 - Vinokourov Is 2nd...
The situation now has Mayo in the lead of Vinokourov, then the group of Armstrong (with seven riders - Beloki, Zubeldia, Hamilton, Heras...)

17 H 08 - Beloki, Armstrong & Basso...
The attack by Hamilton is about to be caught by Zubeldia, Armstrong, Beloki and Basso.

17 H 07 - Mayo Leads Hamilton By 1'40"
Mayo's lead on Hamilton is 1'40"...

17 H 07 - Hamilton Attacks!
Tyler Hamilton has attacked Lance's group. He is now 2nd in the stage and is only matched by Zubeldia.

17 H 06 - A Spanish Victory Likely...
Mayo is now 5km from the finish and he is showing no sign of slowing down. The Spaniard began the day 6'11" behind Virenque.

17 H 05 - Mayo Isn't Slowing Down...
Mayo is now 1'09" ahead of the eight-man group of Lance Armstrong, the virtual leader of the Tour.
Virenque and Rogers are 4'50" behind Mayo.

17 H 04 - Basso With Armstrong's Group
Ivan Basso has come from nowhere and is now with Lance's group.