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Predictions for tomorrow and Sunday(3 posts)

Predictions for tomorrow and SundaySpoiler
Jul 11, 2003 5:07 PM
I think tomorrow's profile suits Ullrich. I can't tell if the finishing decent is twisty or straight, so that could make a difference.
I'd be a fool to pick anyone but Lance for Sunday. But if I was not allowed to pick Lance, I'd pick Simoni.
F it. I'm picking Simoni for Sunday.
mark my words, for I have been blessed with the gift (actually it's more a burden) of "the sight."
re: Predictions for tomorrow and SundayMaRider
Jul 11, 2003 5:36 PM
I think all the big dogs (Armstrong, Beloki, Ullrich, Simoni, etc.) will be finishing together tomorrow.
Lance will take yellow but that's about it.

There's only one Cat.1 climb, followed by 21 miles of mostly downhill terrain, and I can't see anyone opening up a big gap tomorrow. Lance will be shielded by his climbing boys Heras, Rubiera and Beltran, who will keep it under control.

Sunday is another matter altogether, of course. I think the L'alpe D'Huez with Col Du Galibier course favors someone like Simoni, and I would predict Simoni and Lance finishing together with Lance using Simoni to pull away from Ullrich and Beloki, then outsprinting him a-la Garzeli in first mountain Giro stage this year. Lance will not let him take the stage no matter what (like he did for Pantani and Ullrich before), there's too much animosity between those two. I also think it will be clear on Sunday that Ullrich is not as mountain-fit as everyone seems to think now, and that he will most likely battle for podium, with second going to Beloki.
I DisagreePhatMatt
Jul 12, 2003 8:19 AM
Simoni was dropped to hard today. I think it will be Armstrong, Beloki or Ullrich.